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Most common Subtype of Hodgkin lymphoma
Nodular sclerosis
CSF: Opening pressure elevated, WBCs very elevated (90% PMNs) glucose low, protein elevated
Bacterial meningitis
Nephrotic syndrome criteria
> 3.5 g/day protein in urine, generalized edema, hypoalbuminemia, and hyperlipidemia
What renal calculus is associated with urea-splitting bacteria
Magnesium ammonium phosphate (struvite)
What type of GN, associated with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis, has mesangial deposits of IgA, C3, properdin, IgG, and IgM
Berger disease (IgA nephropathy)
Waxy casts
Chronic ESRD
Most common Primary lung cancer
Hematoxylin or eosin? RBCs
Term for dilated veins within the spermatic cord?
Mineral associated with impaired glucose tolerance
What GP allows plts to adhere to each other through the use of fibrinogen
Most common form of non-hodgkin lymphoma in the US
Follicular lymphoma
Tumor marker associated with seminomas
Placental alk phosphatase
Most common congenital cardiac anomaly
AR form of SCID associated chromosome
Chromosome 20q (deficiency in adenosine deaminase)
2nd leading cause of death in kids 1-14 in US
Virchow triad
Assoc with thrombus formation: endothelial injury, changes in laminar flow, and hypercoagulation
Most common cause of anovulation
Polycystic ovary
Reed-Sternberg cells
Hodgkin lymphoma
AD disease assoc with chrom 15 in which the pt has long extrems, lax joints, pigeon chest, and posterior mitral leaflet prolapse and is prone to developing dissecting aortic aneurysm
Marfan syndrome
Most common hematologic cause of papillary necrosis
Sickle cell
Malignant tumor of the skin associated with Birbeck granules
Histiocytosis X
Liver regeneration – labile, stable, or permanent?
Where is melanin found
Substantia nigra and melanocytes
Most common cause of infectious pancreatitis
AR disorder with neutropenia, defective degranulation, and delayed microbial killing due to a problem in chemotaxis and migration
Chediak-Higashi syndrome
3 causes of transudate
CHF, cirrhosis, nephrosis
Mallory bodies
Chronic alcoholic
Most common Pituitary tumor
Chromophobe adenoma
Does ELISA or Western Blot confirm HIV dx
ELISA screens, Western confirms
Is monocytosis seen with TB?
With which pituitary adenoma is an elevated somatomedin C level associated
GH-producing adenoma
CNS tumor with tinnitus and hearing loss
RBCs with smooth undulations on the surface of their membrane, commonly seen in uremia
Burr cells (echinocytes)
4 right to left congenital cardiac shunts
Truncus arteriosus, Tricuspid atresia, Transposition of the great vessels, Tetralogy of fallot
What nephritic syndrome has effacement of the foot processes without immune complex deposition
Minimal change disease
Term for TB with cervical lymph node involvement
Most common esophageal cancer in the world
Squamous cell carcinoma
Term for a large VSD that leads to pulmonary HTN, RVH, and cyanosis due to right-to-left reversal of the shunt
Eisenmenger syndrome (can also occur with any any left-to-right shunt)
What drug can cause amyloidosis and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in the kidney
Most common Malignancy in kids
RBC casts in the urine
Acute GN
Senile plaques
Osteoblasts regeneration – labile, stable, or permanent?
Calcification of the gallbladder seen on x-ray due to chronic cholecystitis or adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder
Porcelain gallbladder
Most common cause of death in neonates
Neonatal RDS
Osteoporosis alk phosphatase, phos, and calcium
Normal alk phos, normal phos, normal calc
Cerebral herniation resulting in compression of anterior cerebral artery
Cingulate gyrus herniation
RBCs in the urine
Bladder carcinoma
Are live vaccines contraindicated in SCID