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What is the most common congenital deficiency?
What cell in the mucosal surface does Hiv enter?
Dentritic cells
What mode of trans. (HIV) Is MC for peds.?
Vertical transmission
What are the 2 proteins found on the HIV envelope?
gp120 and gp40
What does the HIV virus core contain?
gp24, RNA and enzymes
what are the 2 coreceptors neede for HIV entry?
CCR-5 and CXCR4
What protein is needed for penetration?
What are the results of HIV infection
T cell depletion and loss of helper cells
Once inside host what happens to virus?
Reverse transcriptaseconverts RNA to ds DNA-> integrated into cell
What is the characteristic of acute phase HIV?
Viremia, seeding of lymphoid tissue and temporary fall in CD4+ count. Control of viral replication by CD8 T cells
What is the significance of the falling CD4+ cell counts in HIV positive patients?
HIV infection is stratified into three clinical categories: CD4+ cells > 500 /ul
What occurs in final phase HIV ?
Non- AIDS defining infections, thrombocytopenia. Fever, weight loss, diarrhea.
MC AIDS defining infection
P. carinii pneumonia
MC AIDS defining malignancies?
Karposis sarcoma
What is a CNS lymphoma?
B- cell neoplasms associated with EBV reaction in immunosuppresed population.
What are some of the opportunistic infections?
MAI, M. kankassi, M. tuberculosis, recurrent pneumonia, salmonella
How would MAI differ from cryptosporidium?
Cryptosporidium is not invasive. The organisms attach to the superficial portion of the intestinal epithelium. MAI are found in histocytes in the lamina propria and submucosa
What is the most common overall fungal infection in AIDS?
Most common CNS fungal infection in HIV/ AIDS?
What is the name of the stain that high-lights myelin?
Luxol stain- stain myelin blue
What causes progressive multifocal encephalopathy?
Papovavirus that infects oligodendrolia.
MCC of focal space occupiying lesions in AIDS?
What is the most common pathogen in diarrhea?
Where are bradysoites found?
What is the screening test used in AIDS testing?
ELISA detects anti gp120 in 6-10 weeks
If results from ELISA are + or indeterminate what is used?
Wester blot
What is the p24 antigen?
Indicator of active viral replication
What is the test used to determine viral load?