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Kayton and Longfellow algorithm.
Correct calculation of ORANGE BOOK DATES. ($150 fee).
Use disclose, exploit in a product or process an invention
cannot get a patent.
United States is applied
Name of inventors
Things get a patent?
Process, method, machine
Things get a patent?
Articles of manufacture
Get a patent for ?
+Chemical composition of matter.
+Improvements of any of the
Patents standards
1. Novel,
2. nonobvious,
3. Adequetely discribed or enabled, claimed by the inventor in clear and definate terms
Cannot be patented?
Laws of nature, physical phenomena, abstract ideas, not useful, literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works.
Design patents
New originaol and ornamental designs for articles of manufacture, the look of an athletic shoe , a bike helmet, the Star Wars Characters are all protected by design patents.
Discuss -- utility and plant Provisional patents
Utility patents provisional Plant patent provisional gives protection for 1 year.
Termination of provisional patents and date from whence application is measured
Terminated after 1 year and must replace w/ non provisional application. With priority from before the application filing date.
Three members after notice of appeal
Examiner has thirty days to respond to an appeal
Applicants's response to examiners.
File a reply to answer
BPAI holds for applicant.
Board remands back to examiner.