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Second step to litigate against infringer.
Federal Circuit
Valid and infringed
Patent was valid and defendent was "copying my process".
Sue what court first in Patent office.
Board of Patent Appeals and
Federal Circuit is short for which court.
Appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.
35 U.S.C. 141
Appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. If turned down here you can appeal to which court?
Supreme Court.
Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences.
Professor's Smith's application.
130 pages of applicaton 9 months to prepare.
The rule for Appeals
35 U.S.C. 141
Examiners total time to process an applicants application.
Fourteen hours to process an application.
Pendancy period from date of filing to hearing @ rejection.
Sixty months
Rejection 1st Action --
We must do what to get an extension?
Extension fee
Limit on time to extend a 1st acton "rejection"
six months
Abandoned application can be _______.
Appeal 1st rejection use ____ or ______.
Unavoidable or inadvertent
Hatch Wackmen Act
Generics go in to FDA
Extension for patent term (based pendancy).
Patent Expiration date
Orange book
Orange book dates are ___
Algorithm for patent pendancy date.
88 % incorrect
Rule 1.56 violation
Misusing the patent (too much time) ---- must inform USPTO that the time exceeds rightful term.
Too short / orange book
Malpractice (too short).
too much time..
not full extension date.
Misusing the patent (too much time).