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Steller’s jay
Cyanocitta stelleri
Lazuli bunting
Passerina amoena
Painted bunting
Passerina ciris
Mountain bluebird
Sialia currucoides
Pygmy nuthatch
Sitta pygmaea
Northern cardinal
Cardinalis cardinalis
Cardinalis sinuatus
Bohemian waxing
Bombycilla garrulus
Cedar waxwing
Bombycilla cedrorum
Hooded oriole
Icterus cucullatus
Red-winged blackbird
Agelaius phoenicus
Western meadowlark
Sturnella neglecta
Violet-green swallow
Tachycineta thalassina
Tree swallow
Tachycineta bicolor
Bank swallow
Riparia riparia
Barn swallow
Hirundo rustica
Wilson’s warbler
Wilsonia pusilla
Yellow warbler
Dendroica petechia
Golden-crowned kinglet
Regulus satrapa
Belted kingfisher
Megaceryle alcyon