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On which of the following physical components does the data on HDD is stored? A) Read/write head B) Platter C) Sector D) Cluster
B) Platter
Which of the following components are not the major components of a hard disk system? A) Drive interface B) Controller C) Hard Disk D) Host adapter E) Platter
A) Drive Interface
Which of the following options define the concentric magnetic rings on the surface of a disk platter on a hard drive? A) Cluster B) Sector C) Cylinder D) Track E) Bits
D) Track
In a magnetic disk what term you can use to describe segments of a track? A) Cluster B) Valve C) Sector D) Allocation Unit
C) Sector
Which of the following compents within a hard disk system contains a collection of same numbered tracks on all writable surfaces of all platters? A) Cluster B) Logical block C) Sector D) Cylinder E) Hard Disk
D) Cylinder
Which of the following motherboard socket type would you use on the Pentium 4 chip? A) Slot 1 B) Socket A C) Socket 370 D) Socket 478
D) Socket 478
Which of the following memory modules will you need for a motherboard that has an LGA 775 socket for an Intel Pentium 4 processor? A) DIP B) SIMM C) RIMM D) DIMM
Select the output voltage supplied by a common PC power supply? A) +3.3 VDC B) -3.3 VDC C) +5 VDC D) -5 VDC E) +12 VDC F) -12 VDC
A, C, D, E, F

+3.3 VDC,+5 VDC, -5 VDC,12 VDC, -12 VDC
Which of the following is not the advantage of using a laptop?
Laptops cannot offer increased performance
In which of the following ACPI system states should your system be to ensure that it consumes least amount of power?
S4. S4 is a system state in which the system suspends to disk and RAM not powered. Hibernation mode.
The ____ and _____ type of batteries do not cause any environmental hazard.
Alkaline & Nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
Which of the following socket type for AMD Athlon XP would you suggest?
B) Socket A - Socket 462 is a newer motherboard socket type used with AMD Athlon, Athlon XP, and Duron Processors
Which of the following processors can you use with Socket T, or LGA 775? A
Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Later Pentium 4
Which of the following cooling methods uses a pump?
Liquid cooling & Phase-change cooling
Which of the following are valid memory-card formats that you can purchase according to your requirement? A) MicroSD B) MicroCF C) SIM D) MMC
A, C, D

Which of the following memory modules need to be installed in pairs?
16-bit RIMMs must always be installed in pairs because DRDRAM has a dual-channel implementation at the minimum.