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What does a pronoun do?
A pronoun takes the place of a noun.
Chris went/he went
Rachel sings/she sings
What does an adverb tell?
how, when, where
What is an interjection?
An interjection expresses emotion and feeling.

Wow! Stop! No! Yes!
Go team!!
List the helping verbs we have studied.
am is are was were be being been have has had
Name the eight parts of speech.
noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, verb, conjunction, prepositions, interjection
What is common noun?

What is a proper noun?
A proper noun is a certain or particular noun. (Michael Jordan a particular person)

A common noun names any
person place of thing. (a basketball player)
What is does the describing part of speec, the adjective, tell?
which, how many, what kind of
What is a verb?
A verb is the action part of the sentence.
What is a noun?
A noun is a person place of thing.
What is a conjunction?
A conjunction joins words or groups of words. the boy and the girl
What is a preposition?
relates nouns or pronouns to other words in a sentence

anything a bunny can do to a log
How many parts of speech are there?
There are eight parts of speech.