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Where did our species develop?
West Central Africa
Who are we direct ancestors to?
Native Americans from Asia
Where were the first greatly developed nations or civilizations?
Name the 5 general native american beliefs or traits.
Sacredness of Nature
No concept of land ownership
Good and bad relationships w/ Europeans
Truest Americans
Who were the really mean sailors (Lief Erikson was one of them!)?
Vikings! Arrrgh!
What is ironic about the dark ages in Europe?
At the same time, the Central Americans were having the best time!
Why is America here? Explain please!
The buoyency of wood (for ships)
Spicy Buffalo Wings (Polo brought back great food from all over world)
What opened the door for exploration?
The compass being invented
What was Marco Polo's job?
He travelled to places like Asia and India and brought back good foods
Why didn't Columbus sail for Italy?
It didn't exist!! You fool!
Who were the first Americans?
What were Hunter-Gatherers?
People who hunt and gather plants to fill their needs
What was the main weapon for Paleo-Indians?
Clovis points
What was the Agricultural Revolution?
The change the Paleo-Indians made from hunting and gathering to domestication of plants
What was the first great Mesoamerican culture?
Which civilization created a writing system?
What was the great city-state in Toltec?
Which empire became the center of a great trading network?
Which civilization called themselves Mexica?
Which civilization viewed warfare as a sacred duty?
What was the most powerful and largest civilization?
The Inca
Where did the Incans set up their capital?
Name one Native American culture around Illinois.
Which civilization did not force their conquered subjects to pay tribute?
Inca Inca!
Which civilization constructed adobe dwellings?
Which culture were ancestors of Pueblo indians?
What were Mound Builders?
The Adena and Hopewell cultures
What is another word for where they placed their dead?
burial mounds
What were the Mesoamerican cultures?
Maya, Inca, Aztec, and Olmec
What were the North American cultures?
Anasazi, Adena, and Hopewell