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What are the goals of pharmacotherapy of PD?
replace DA or modulate NT systems regulated by dopaminergic input
What symptoms of PD?
Resting tremor, bradykinesia, rigidity (masked facies), postural defects
What is the function of the nigrostriatal system?
motor behaviors
What is the function of the mesolimbocortical system?
learning, memory, emotions, affect, reward (degenerates in some PD)
What is the function fo Hypothalamo-hypophyseal system?
inhibiting prolactin secreation (not affected in PD
What is the function of the chemoreceptor Trigger zone?
DA receptor activation in the area postrema inuces nausea and vomiting
What happens when you lose DA neurons?
up-regulation of striatal DA receptors, disinhibition of indirect pathway, dysfacilitation of direct pathway
What is L-Dopa?
it is DA precusor used because DA can't cross BBB
What is Carbidopa?
is a peripheral dopa-decarboxylase inhibitor
What are L-dopa and Carbidopa used for?
67% effective for PD, elevation of growth hormone release, and hyperprolactinemia
What the oral bioavailability of L-dopa?
20-30%, but that is in the periphery
What are the side effects of L-dopa and carbidopa?
dykinesias, crazy psych problems, N/V
What are Bromocriptine, ropinerol, pramipexole?
DA receptor agonist D2, D2, D3
What are the uses for bromocriptin, ropinerol, pramipexole?
PD, hyperprolactinemia
What is the oral bioavailability of bromocriptin, ropinerol, pramipexole?
94% and it is highly bound to albumin
What are the side effects of bromocryptine?
anorexia, n/v, HoTN, cardiac arrhythmias, dykinesias, psych issues, colicky abdominal pain, constipation, blurred vision
What is Amantadine?
It is a DA releaser
What is selegilin?
MAO-B inhibitor
What is selegilin broken down into?
What is talcopone?
COMT inhibitor--dangerous to your liver
What is Entacapone?
COMT inhibitor--improves off-time
What is benztropine?
Anticholinergic agent
What are the ADR of benztropine?
cycloplegia, mydriasis, dry mouth, urinary retention