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1615 Marie d'Medici LaBrosse
Church of the Sorbonne
1635, Lemercier,comm Richilieu, 1 aisle, public square, temple portico on side of church,

dome- clusters of pilasters, freestanding statues, finials, roundheaded windows btw clusters
Val de Grace
1645-67 Mansart then Lemercier, comm. Anne of Austria, temple portico, not baroque more crescendo, round and tri windows btw pilasters, finials more sculpture 1 aisle
Louvre East Facade
1666, Le Vau,Perrault, Le Brun Louis XIV, FBCR--french baroque classical rationalism, intercolumniation--distance from rear wall and each other (double colossal columns)
College of Four Nations
1663, Le Vau, 60 students for 30 years war, baroque, commissioned by Mazarin,
1671, Bruant, Mansart, unfluted colossal corinth, greek cross fp, comm XIV
St Ettiene Du mont
1492-1622, Philiberg dumann Rood screen, facade guerin
1764 Sufflot, commissioned by Louis XV
1774, Peyre Waille after city arch.
School of surgery
1774, Gondoin
Place de le Concorde
Gabriel, Comm Louis XV, 1775
Ecole Militaire
1752, Gabriel
Church St Phillipe de Roule
1774, chalgrin
Palais Royale
1763, Ivry
1808, Brogniart
St. Augustin
1860, Baltard, cast iron in skeleton, visible awakward
1806-42, Vignon, Pronaos--entry barrel vault end in 2 hemicycles
Bibliotheque Nationale
1859, Labrouste--Labooks,
1860, Garnier