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· Principal road of the Quartier Latin
Le boulevard Saint-Michel
· Magnificent palace constructed by Louis XIV
· Sculptured façade
· Marble staircase
· Sumptuous foyer
Place de l'Opera
· Church built in the form of a Greek temple
· Largest and most beautiful square in Paris
· Egyptian obelisk
· Statues representing the important cities of France
· Guillotine/French Revolution
Place de la Concorde
· Founded in 1253 by Robert Sorbon
· Part of the ancient university of Paris
La Sorbonne
· Houses the Mona Lisa, Le Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace.
Le Louvre
· Gothic architecture
· Famous for its beautiful stained-glass windows
· Built by Louis IX
St. Chapelle
· Airports
1. Charles de Gaulle
2. Orly
· Was once the private gardens of the kings of France
Jardin des Tuileries
· Consists of many buildings
· Serves a the residence for many students
La Cite Universitaire
· Gothic cathedral
Notre Dame de Paris
· White and mosque-likeSacre-Coeur
· Former forest, now the larges part in Paris
Bois de Boulogne