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pt. wakes up out of 3 or 4 sleep. eeg may show brief periods of delta waves stage I, repeated microsleeps or diffuse alpha rhythm. mostly in children under 5.
confusional arousal
Occurs during sws, usually at the end of the first slow wave cycle. Occurs often after sleep deprivation. Range from sitting up in bed to frantic attempts to escape.
Sleep walking or somnoambulism
sudden arousal from SWS
intense fear
tachycardia, tachypnea, diaphoresis, skin flushing, rigorous muscle tone. .
Unresponsive to external stimuli.
If awakened will be confused and disoriented.
May have enuresis or incoherent vocalizations. The pt. generally has complete amnesia of the episode.
sleep terrors
Headbanging, headrolling, and bodyrocking. occurs mostly in infants and toddlers. Occurs mostly in males. PSG shows that the activity occurs presleep drowsiness and in light NREM sleep.
Rhythmic movement disorder
Rhythmic movement disorder is also called what?
Jactatio capitas nocturna
Brief contractions of the legs and sometimes arms and head. Occurs at sleep onset. Often associated with a feeling of falling. May be exacerbated by caffeine, stimulants, stress or intense physical work
sleep starts
sleep starts are also called what?
Hypnic jerks
consists of utterances, speech or sounds during sleep without awareness of the event. May be precipitated by emotional stress, febrile illness or sleep disorders such as sleep terror , confusional arousals OSA, or REM behavior disorder. Occurs in all stages but most common in REM.
Sleep talking
Sleep talking is also called
painful sensations of muscular tightness or tension in the calf or foot that ocur during sleep. often results in arousal.
Nocturnal Leg Cramps