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fly strike
1.Lucilia cuprina (90%)
2.Chrysomya rufifacies
3.Calliphora stygia
Sheep ked
Melophagus ovinus (flies without wings)
Pulled wool
-damalinia ovis (B.louse)
-psorergates ovis (mites)
Lice that can live 3 weeks on the pasture
linognathus pedalis (S.louse)
Itch mite of sheep
psorergates ovis
Queensland Itch
culicoides brevitarsis
Transmit bluetongue
Culicoides brevitarsis
Transmission via riding & grooming equipments
haematopinus asini
Human fleas occurs on pig
pules irritans
vector of dirofilaria immltis in dogs
Culex, aedes, anopheles
Vector of dipylidium caninum in both dogs and cats
ctenocephalides felis and ctenocephalides canis
paralysis tick
Ixodes holocyclus
vector of babesia canis
ripicephalus sanguineus
elongate mite
demodex canis
common cause of mange in dogs
sarcoptes scabiei (mites)
march flies
Vector of Stephanofilaria
haematobia exigua (flies)
Bush tick
haemaphysialis longicornis
Cattle tick
Boophilus microplus
Barn itch
Chorioptes bovis
Bot flies in horses
Gasterophilus haemorrhoidolis
G. intestinalis
G. nasalis
Common features of INSECTA
3 pairs of legs
Head, Thorax, Abdomen, Antennae
with/without wings
Aedes, Anopheles, Culex are important vectors for ...
Dirofilaria immitis
Flies whose larvae are parasitic
Bot flies
-Gasterophilus spp (Horses)
-Oestrus ovis (sheep nasal)
-Hypoderma (Cattle)
Which stage of bot flies are parasitic?
Larbal stage (3 stages in host)
How to treat Gasterophilus spp?
Use organophosphates or macrocyclic lactones (ivermectin)in winter when flies are absent
How to treat Oestrus ovis?
use organophosphates, macrocyclic lactones, trematocides
How to treat hypoderma?
spray on organophosphates when larvae have reached the back of cattle
How to control Haematobia exigua?
Haematobia exigua = the buffalo fly
-fly traps
-ear tags inpregnated with insecticides
-insecticide which persist in dung
What condition makes breech strike more susceptible?
-soiling of fleece by urine/feaces
-scouring due to nematodes
What condition makes body strike more susceptible?
-fleece rot
-prolonged wetting of skin
-low was content of fleece
-pseudomaonas spp
How to control blow fly strike?
1. Render sheep less susceptible (Mules operation, cruching, etc)
2. Reducing fly number (genetic manipulation, fly traps, chemicals etc)
How to control treatment of ctenocephalides?
1. Repellents
2. Insceticides - OPs
3. Growth regulators
-topical -lufenuron
4. Flea salivary antigen injection
How to treat Demodex canis?
Common features of arachnids
-4 pairs of legs
(3pairs in larva)
-no antennae
-no wings
-body divided into 2 parts