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The common name of Trematodes are?

-flat, leaf-shaped organisms
-hermaphroditic (except schistosoma)
Trematodes require a __________ host?
_____ is the definitive host in trematodes infections.
The ______ is always 1st intermediate host.
Trematode eggs are always _________.
Operculated (except schistosoma)
The organisms considered Trematodes are:
-Fasciolopsis buski
-Fasciola hepatica
-Clonorchis sinensis
-Paragonimus westermani
Paragonimus westermani is commonly known as:
Oriental Lung Fluke
Clonorchis sinensis is commonly known as:
Chinese Liver Fluke
Fasciola hepatica is commonly known as:
Liver fluke
Fasciolopsis buski is commonly known as:
Giant Intestinal Fluke
The infective stage of Fasciolopsis buski is the ingestion of ___________>
raw aquatic vegetation with encysted metacercaria

Ex. water chestnuts
The diagnostic stage of Fasciolopsis buski is the __________
demonstration of eggs in feces
Diarrhea and epigastic pain are clinical symptoms of ____________.
Fasciolopsis buski

*Symptoms relate to number of worms present*
What part of world is Fasciolopsis buski found?
The infective stage of Fasciolopsis hepatica isthe ingestion of raw aquatic vegatation with ________________.
encysted metacercaria
Diagnostic stage of Fasciola hepatica?
Demonstration of eggs in feces
Larvae elicit inflammatory response in liver, stone formation, eosinophilia during larval migration are clinical symptoms of what type of infection?
Fasciola hepatica
Reservior hosts of F. hepatica?
sheep and cattle

=high incidence in sheep raising countries
Ingestion of raw fish infected with metacercariae
Clonorchis sinensis
Operculated egg with shoulders and small knob at abopercular end
Clonorchis sinensis
Trematode found in Japan, Vietnam, Korea, China, and Taiwan
Clonorchis sinensis
Human ingestion of crustacea (crabs, crawfish) infected with metacercariae
Paragonimus westermani
Diagnostic stage of which parasite is demonstration of egg in feces or sputum
Paragonimus westermani

Operculated egg with shoulders and thick abopercular shell

-Sputum has reddish-brown flecks resembling iron filings
Chronic cough and abundant mucus in heavy infections, high eosinophilia, and light infections are asymptomatic?
Paragonimus westermani
Trematode found in Japan, Korea, China, Philippines, and Southeast Asia?
Paragonimus westermani