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Dogs/cats, ascarids (52-100%), oral.
Can be used on puppies/ kittens. Watch out for liver/renal disease (different dose then).
Pyrantel pamoate
Labeled for dogs (can be used on cats). Hookworms and ascarids! Oral.
Can be used on nursing pups. Treat with full stomach.
Emodepside + praziquantel
CATS. hookworms, ascarids, tapeworms (taenia, dipylidium c., echinococcus granulosus)
Labeled for dogs (can be used for cats)
hookworms, ascarids, whipworms, tapeworms (T)
Oral, can be used with pregnant animals, also effective against giardia
Dogs/ cats. tapeworms (T,D.C,E.G.)
Single dose oral, SC, IM.
Also good against diphyllobothrium, spirometra, paragonimus.
Praziquantel + pyrantel pamoate
CATS- hookworms, ascarids, tapewoms (T, D.C, E.G)
Single oral dose. do not use with pregnant cats. NOT good for Giardia.
Praziquantel + pyrantel pamoate +febantel
DOGS- hookworms, ascarids, whipworms, tapeworms (T, D.C, E.G)
Single oral dose. Do not use with pregnant dog, Effective against Giardia!
Dogs/cats- tapeworms (T, D.C)
Ivermectin .006mg/kg/mo
(low dose)
low dose. dogs >6wks.
treats heart worm only. Oral!
Ivermectin .024mg/kg/mo
(low dose)
Cats > 6 wks! Oral.
Prevent Heartworm, remove and control hookworms
Ancylostoma tubaeforme, Ancylostoma braziliense.
(heartgard for cats)
Ivermectin + pyrantel pamoate
Dogs >6 wks; oral.
Prevent HW and treat/control ascarids (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina) & hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, braziliense; Uncinaria stenocephala)

Heartgard plus, Iverhart plus
Ivermectin + pyrantel pamoate + praziquantel
Dogs > 8 wks; oral.
Prevent HW and treat/control ascarids (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina) & hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, braziliense; Uncinaria stenocephala) & cestodes (Dc, Tp)
Iverhart max
Milbemycin oxime
Dogs >4wks & cats >6wks
prevent HW, control hookworms (Ac/At), remove and control ascarids (Tc, Tl), whipworms
At same low dose also acts as microfilaricidal. Repeat after 1 wk if needed. NOT FDA approved.
.05mg/kg for dogs and cats.
milbemycin oxime + lufenuron
Dogs >4 wks; oral.
prevent HW, control Hooks (Ac),
remove and control ascarids (Tc, Tl) & whipworms, control fleas!
Milbemycin oxime + spinosad
Dogs > 8wks; oral.
prevent HW, control Hooks (Ac),
remove and control ascarids (Tc, Tl) & whipworms. prevent/ treat fleas.
Dogs >6 months of age; subQ every 6 mo.
prevent HW, treat hookworms (Ac, Us).
Moxidectin + imidacloprid
Dogs > 7wks (higher dose)/
Cats> 9wks (low dose); TOPICAL/mo.
Prevent HW, treat and control hooks (Ac/At, Us), Ascarids (Tc,Tl), whipworms in dogs. Prevent/treat fleas, mites (Oc).
Dogs >6wks, Cat>8wks; Topical.
Prevent HW; +/- ticks (Dv) in dogs; hookworms (At) and roundworms (Tc) in cats! Prevent/ treat fleas, mites(Ss-dog; Oc-dog &cat)
Melarsomine dihydrochloride
Adulticide for HW!
Deep IM. 2 dose regemine (after 24 hrs), 3 dose regemine (1, then 30d, then 2nd, 24hrs then 3rd)
Kills worms older than 4 mo.
NOT for cats. toxic patients can be treated with dimercaprol.
Ivermectin .05mg/kg (high dose)
Single oral dose (dogs). works as microfilaricide!
Use again after one wk if needed.
Not FDA approved. Observe dog for shock like symptoms.
Drugs against babesia canis?
Imidocarb diproprionate, IM once or repeat in 2 wks
Diminazene aceturate, IM once
Clindamycin every 12 hrs. (last option)
Drugs against babesia gibsoni
atovaquone +azithromycin
imidocarb dipropionate + enrofloxacin
diminazene aceturate
clindamycin (last option)
treats:equine protozoal myelitis caused by sarcocystic neuron,
cystoisopora and hepatozoon americanum in small animals.
NOT labeled- coccidocidal
negative fecals in 1-2 days.
effective against schizont stage= asexual form.
coddidiostatic- not cidal.
Toxicity related to kidney and liver.
Best potentiated with other drugs that inhibits folic acid
Good against:hepatozoon americanum, toxoplasma gondii, cystoisospora, neospora caninum
competitive inhibitor of thiamine.
can be use as a feed additive in large animals
good against cystoisospora