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Common name for Aelurostrongylus abstrusus
Cat lung worm
Treatment for cat lungworm?
First host in the life cycle of aelurostrongylus abstrusus
Diagnosis of aelurostrongylus abstrusus
Larvae in feces have dorsally spined tails
Babesiosis in dogs and cats is transmitted primarily by ___ and some ___
Primarily by Rhipicephalus and some Dermacentor
Babesiosis in cattle is transmitted by ___
Common name for Capillaria aerophila

Diagnosis is made by finding ___ in ___
Respiratory parasite of carnivores

Dx by finding eggs with bipolar plugs in feces
Common name for Capillaria plica
Bladder worm - found in kidney, ureter, bladder of cats/dogs
Common name for cheyletiella

What species is it found in ?
Walking dandruff - ZOONOTIC

Dogs, cats, rabbits
Chorioptes bovis causes ___ in cattle
Chorioptic mange (leg mange) - more prevalent in winter and REPORTABLE since sarcoptic mange is a differential (and zoonotic)
A worm found in a dog's trachea could be ______ if at the bronchial bifurcation or ______ if in the lung parenchyma
Filaroides osleri - at bronchial bifurcation
Filaroides hirthi - in lung parenchyma
How do you identify the cat lungworm or the dog tracheal worm?
Larvae in respiratory secretions
+/- Baermann
+/- endoscopy
A worm found in the lung of a dog/cat could be ______ if in the lung parenchyma or _____ if in the nasal sinuses
Capillaria aerophila - in lung parenchyma
Capillaria boehmi - in nasal sinuses
The pig lungworm is called _____
Metastrongylus apri
The cat/dog lung trematode is called
Paragonimus kellicotti
Infection with the lung fluke occurs by ingestion of _______
A snail or a crawfish where the animal ingests a metacercaria in the IH
Paragonimus kellicotti can be identified as a ___________ in _______ or _______
operculated egg in fecal sediment or a respiratory wash
A worm found in the respiratory tract of a large animal would have the genus name _______
Name the species of dictyocaulus found in the cow, small ruminant, and horse
Cow = viviparus
SR = filaria
Horse = arnfieldi
The swine kidney worm is called _____

It is diagnosed by finding ____ in _____
Stephanurus dentatus

Eggs in urine sediment
The dog heartworm is called _____

It is diagnosed by _____
Dirofilaria immitis

Wet mount, difil, knott's test, antigen, antibody
Blood parasites of the dog include _____, _____, and _____
Trypanosoma cruzi
Babesia canis
Dirofilaria immitis
The giant kidney worm in dogs is called _____
It is aquired by ingestion of _____
Dictophyma renale

Infected fish or crayfish
Diagnosis of dioctophyma renale can be made by finding ______ in _____ or after _____
Dx by finding an egg in urine sediment or after an abdominal crisis
The bladder worm is also known as
Capillaria plica
A preputial wash from a bull that has a decreased fertility and whose matings often result in abortions may have
Tritrichomonas foetus
Diagnosis of tritrichomonas foetus in bulls is made by finding ______ in culture
Ways to diagnose toxoplasma gondii include
Serology (IgM, IgG)
Histology of tissues from brain or placenta
Fecal flotation in a cat
Dairy cow abortion can be caused by
Neospora caninum