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Give the scientific name for the Horse Pin worm.
Oxyuris equi
Why is it called the Horse pinworm?
only horses get this worm. Not cats or dogs.
What is longer on a Oxyuris pinworm, the body or the tail?
The tail, up to 3x longer.
Does this parasite have an intermediate host?
What is the infection site for Oxyuris equi?
Cecum, lg. colon, rectum, and the perianal area for egg laying females.
Is this parasite likely to infect horses on a small pasture?
Yes, reinfection is common on small pasture.
Give the life cycle for Oxyuris equi.
1. Females travel to the anus to lay eggs on the perianal skin.
2. Eggs are rubbed off or fall to the ground and become infective.
3. Infective eggs are ingested by DH.
4. Eggs hatch in the sm. intestine and pass to the cecum where they feed on mucosa.
5. Adults do not attach, but are scavengers.
How do the L3 and L4 stages affect the host?
They produce inflammation of cecal and colonic mucosa.
What is "rat tail"?
When the horse rubs it's rear end to relieve pruritis caused by eggs on perianal area.
How would this nematode be diagnosed?
Scotch tape method. Eggs are flat on one side, and operculated.
What is the importance of the operculum of the Oxyuris equi egg?
You may not always see the operculum.
How would Oxyuris equi be treated?
Ivermectin. (Eqvalan)
Kills adults and lavae.
What is the common name for Ancylostoma caninum?
Give the DH, and IH.
DH= Dogs, and Canids
What is the prepatent period for Ancylostoma caninum?
2 weeks
Where do the adults infect the host? Larvae?
Adult= sm. intestine
Larvae= dermis, respiratory tract
Give the life cycle for this nematode
1. Embryonated eggs passed in feces.
2. L1 hatch to L3 in 3 weeks.
3. L3 are ingested or penetrate skin.(infection can be transmammory)
How many eggs are passed in the feces by infected animal per day?
7,000- 28,000/day
What is the importance of the route of entry of Ancylostoma caninum?
It determines the route of infection.