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Infection of Drancunculus insignis is accomplished by injesting what?
Where do adult Spirocera lupi live?
What is the PPP for Toxocara canis when obtained prenatally?
3-4 weeks
What is the major route of tranmission of infection of Toxocara cati for kittens?
What parasite secretes an anticoagulant when feeding?
Ancyclostoma caninum
Is strongyloides stercoralis zoonotic?
Where does S.stercoralis live?
the small intestine, not next door to dave in the ghetto.
T/F Both males and females are parasitic with regards to S. stercoralis ?
nope, just the whores
What parasite is the most common cause of large bowel squirts in dogs in the U.S.
Trichuris vulpis (whipworms)
What parasite is most likely responsible for an anemic, depressed 10-12 day old puppy with melena?
Ancycloma caninum
What are the 4 ways that puppies become infected with Toxocara canis?
direct ingestion of eggs from the environment

ingestion of infected hosts (rodents)
What parasite causes pruritic skin rashes when it penetrates human skin?
Dog hookworm.
What is the PPP for heartworms in dogs?
6-7 months
what is the most sensitive test for heartworms?
antigen test
What is the most distinctive sign of heartworm infection of a cat that can be seen radiographically?
caudal lobar arterial enlargement
What do the larvae of Habronema cause in horses?
Summer Sores
Resistance to antihelminthics is most commonly seen in what parasite?
Small strongyles
Why is the horse parasite Strongylus vulgaris so bad?
The larvae can migrate to the cranial mesenteric artery and cause aneurysms
What is the PPP for large strongyles in horses?
6-12 months
What can Parascaris equorum cause in young horses?
"summer colds"
Where does the infective stage of Stephanofilaria develop?
within the gut of horn flies
In the northern U.S., when are you most likely to see more cattle with clinical signs from Type 1 Ostertagiagiosis?
June and August
In the Murdachland, when are you most likely to see clinical signs from Type 2 Ostertagiosis in cattle?
Sept and November
Verminous pneumonia is caused by migrating larvae of what parasite of swine?
Ascari suum
What can cause gastric ulcers in outdoor sows?
Hyostrongylus rabidus
What swine parasite can cause " thin sow syndrome"?
Oesophagostomum dentatum
What is the drug of choice for treatment of Whipworms?
What is the most common cause of visceral larva migrans?
Toxocara canis
Where are adult Physaloptera found?
What parasite causes foal heat diarrhea?
Strongyloides westeri
What is the most likely source of infection of lung worms in the horse?
Where do Onchocerca adults live?
in ligaments
T/F Ascaris suum infections in swine occur most commonly in 2-5 month old pigs?
you bet your ass
T/F Hookworm eggs are relatively easy to kill?
What is the intermediate host for Elaephora schneideri?
Tabinid flies
hey retards, if you ever start studying, call me and I will join you
What is the only small animal nematode that is found in the cecum and large colon?
Trichuris vulpis
What is the intermediate host for Dipetalonema reconditum?
What parsite that lives in the stomach can cause catarrhal gastritis and anemia with heavy infections?
What is the only equine nematode that is found in the peritoneal cavity?
Setaria equina
What parasite is clinically important for suckling pigs and has a 75% mortality rate?
Strongyloides ransomi
What swine parasite requires an earthworm to complete its lifecycle?
What parasite in swine causes a diarrhea in piglets which does not respond to antibiotics?
How is Oslerus osleri diagnosed in dogs
Baermann technique to recover larvae in feces