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Brand: Adenocard
Class: antiarrhythmic, endogenous nucleoside
Dose: 6mg rapid IV bolus, followed with 20ml saline. May repeat twice @ 12mg
Albuterol Sulfate
Brand: Proventil, Ventolin
Class: sympathomimetic, bronchodilator
Dose: 2.5mg premixed (0.083%). Repeat per med. controll.
Brand: Cordarone
Class: antiarrhythmic
Dose: after successful d-fib, follow w/ 1mg/min IV infusion for 6hr, then up to 0.5mg/min IV infusion for 18hr.
Acetylsalicylic Acid, Asprin, ASA
Brand: Bufferin, Anacin, etc.
Class: analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory
Dose: 160-325mg (2-4 pediatric chewable tabs), chew or swallow.
Atropine Sulfate
Brand: Atropine
Class: Parasympatholytic, antimuscarinic, anticholinergic, parasympathetic antagonist, parasympathetic blocker
Dose: Sympatomatic bradycardia= 0.5-1.0mg rapid IV push or ET every 3-5 min up to 3mg.
Asystole or PEA w/ bradycardia= 1.0mg rapid IV push every 3-5min up to 3mg.
Bronchospasm: 1.0mg SVN
Ipratropium Bromide
Brand: Atrovent
Class: anticholinergic, bronchodilator
Dose: 500mcg in 2.5 saline (1 unit dose) via SVN. May mix w/ 1 unit dose vial of albuterol.
Diphenhydramine HCI
Brand: Benadryl
Class: antihistamine, anticholinergic
Dose: Anaphylaxis: 25-50mg slow IV push or deep IM.
Extrapyramidal symptoms and antiemetic: 10-50mg IV or deep IM.
Bretylium Tosylate
Brand: Bretylol
Class: antiarrhythmic
Dose: VF/Pulseless VT, refactory to d-fib/lidocane: 5mg/kg rapid IVP, followed by 20ml NS flush (may repeat @ 10mg/kg rapid IVP). Repeat @ 5-30min intervals until 35mg/kg/day.
Refractory VT in conscious pt.: 5mg/kg diluted in 50-100ml of NS over 8-10min.
Brand: Bumex
Class: Loop diuretic
Dose: 0.5-1.0mg IV slowly over 1-2min, or IM
Calcium Chloride
Brand: Calcium Chloride
Class: electrolyte
Dose: Hypocalcemia: 5-10ml (0.5-1Gm) of 10% calcium chloride. May repeat in 10min.
Pre-treatment for IV verapamil admin: 3ml of 10% calcium chloride. May be repeated once.
Activated Charcoal
Brand: Charcola, Actidose-aqua
Class: adsorbent
Dose: 30-60Gm (1-2Gm/kg)
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate
Brand: Decadron
Class: synthetic adrenocorticoid/glucocorticoid, anti-inflammatory
Dose: Reactive airway disease, anaphylaxis: 8-24mg.
Cerebral Edema: 1-5mg/kg
Dextrose 50%
Brand: Dextrose 50%, D50
Class: carbohydrate, hyperglycemic
Dose: Hypoglycemia, ALC of unknown etiology: 25-100ml (12.5-50Gm) IV.
Brand: Valium
Class: benzodiazepine
Dose: 2mg increments slow IV push (no faster than 2mg/min)
Brand: Cardizem
Class: Calcium Channel Blocker, Calcium antagonist
Dose: initial: 0.25mg/kg over 2min.
If inadequate: repeat in 15min @0.35mg/kg over 2min.
Maintenance infusion: 5-15mg/hr
Brand: Intropin
Class: sympathomimetic
Dose: 2-20 mcg/kg/min
Bradycardia: start @ 5mcg/kg/min.
Shock (non-hypovolemic)
BP <70 systolic: start @ 5mcg/kg/min.
BP >70 systolic: start @ 2.5 mcg/kg/min.
Epinephrine HCI
Brand: Adrenalin
Class: sympathomimetic
Dose: Cardiac arrest: use 1:10,000 and give 1mg every 3-5min flushing w/ 20ml NS.
Anaphylaxis and asthma: 0.1-0.3 mg of 1:1000 SC or IM
Brand: Etomidate
Class: sedative/hypnotic agent
Dose: 0.3mg/kg IV over 30-60sec.
Brand: Lasix
Calss: Loop diuretic
Dose: On furosemide therapy: consider initial dose of 2x daily oral dose, if no effect in 20min, may double initial dose.
Not on furosemide therapy: 0.5-1mg/kg to max of 2mg/kg (usually 20-40mg) IV slowly.
Brand: Glucagon
Class: pancreatic hormone, polypeptide, hyperglycemic agent
Dose: (> 20kg) 1mg IM may repeat in 7-10min
Lidocaine HCI
Brand: Xylocaine
Class: antiarrhythmic, local anesthetic
Dose: Pulseless VF/VT: 1-1.5mg/kg IVP q 3-5min to a total of 3mg/kg.
Antidysrhythmic: 1-1.5mg/kg IVP w/ additonal of 0.5-0.75mg/kg q 5-10min to total 3mg/kg
Magnesium Sulfate
Brand: Magnesium Sulfate
Class: electrolyte, tocolytic
Dose: VF/Pulseless VT, Torsade de pointes, Hypomagnesemia: 1-2 Gm IVP in 1-2min or dilute 1-2Gm in 100ml NS over 1-2min.
Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate
Brand: Solu-Medrol
Class: corticosteroid, glucocorticoid, steroid, anti-inflammatory
Dose: Reactive airway disease, anaphylaxis, burns potentially involving th airway: 125mg slow IVP
Midazolam Hydrochloride
Brand: Versed
Class: CNS depressant, benzodiazepine
Dose: Pt 14-60yrs: 2-5mg IM, 1-5mg IV, titrate to effect, admin slowly of no more than 2.5mg over @ least 2min.
Pt >60yrs: 1-3mg IM, 1-3.5mg IV, titrate to effect, slowly @ no more than 1.5mg over at least 2min.
Should not exceed 20mg
Emergency intubation: 0.1mg/kg up to 0.3mg/kg w/ dosage limit of 20mg.
Morphine Sulfate
Brand: Morphine Sulfate
Class: narcotic agonist
Dose: 1-3mg increments slow IVP (over 1-5min) until desired effect.
Nalmefene HCL
Brand: Revex
Class: narcotic (opioid) antagonist
Dose: IV, IM, SC: 0.5mg to a maximum of 1.5mg
Naloxone HCI
Brand: Narcan
Class: narcotic (opioid) antagonist
Dose: IV, IM, SL, SC, ET: 2.0mg initial bolus IV or ET, may repeat q 2min, titrate to effect.
Brand: Nitrostat, Tridil
Class: vasodilator, organic nitrate, antianginal
Dose: 1-2 of the 1/150gr (0.4mg) tablets SL q 5-10min w/ BP >90-100, or one full spray repeat x 3.
Nitrous Oxide
Brand: Nitronox
Class: analgesic, inhalation
Dose: self-administer and self-regulated by the pt.
Brand: Pitocin, Syntocin
Class: pituitary hormone, polypeptide, uterine stimulant
Dose: 10-20 USP units added to 1000cc NS or LR at rate necessary to control uterine atony ro 10 USP units IM after delivery of placenta.