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States the main idea.
Topic Sentence
Summarizies the paragraph
(Mainly in a persuasive paragraph)
Clincher Sentence
Gives information or explains.
1. Devolpe with facts
2. Chronological, Importance, Compare/Contrast
Expository Paragraph
Tells about a person, place, thing, idea, or event.
1. Devolped with sensory details
2. Chronological and spacial
Descriptive Paragraph
Tell a story
1. Chronological & Spacial
Narrative Paragraph
Gives an opinion in order to change a person's mind or actions or opinions
1.Reasons supported by facts
2. Importance
The appearence of being true to life, can be in a fiction.
A fiction story's actor
1. Appearence
2. Actions
3. Speech
4. Private thoughts
5. By the responses to other characters
Ways a reader can reveal characters.