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what types of things do white blood cells engulf?
another way of saying ways
how do platelets stop bleeding?
The platelets clump together and reduce blood loss.
there was a picture of it in the book
what type of blood vessels direct bloood back to the heart?
the vein.
what type of blood vessels direct blood away from the heart?
the artery
which type of blood vessels are the smallest?
the capilaries
what is the function of the lymphatic system?
to collect the excess fluids and return them to the heart.
what occurs in the process of respration?
oxygen goes into you lungs and then the carbon dioxide comes out.
what tube leads into each lung and branches into bronchioles?
what are the sacs called that form on the end of the bronchioles?
what two gasses exchange in the lungs?
oxygen and carbon dioxide.
which type of cell has receptors for smelling?
O factory cell.
which eye part gives eyes their color?
the iris.
what causes diabetes?
when a persons pancreas does'nt make enough insulin.
which sense gives us an awareness of light energy?
through what part of the eye does light enter?
what light property allows you to see yourself in a mirror?
the pupil
how does the pupil respond to bright light?
the pupil gets smaller.
what is a reflex?
A quick involuntary response to stimuli.
What light property allows you to create a rainbow out of white light?
like a fraction.
what is transfered by waves?
UV light energy.
what two properties are used to classify electromagnetic waves?
wavelenght and frequency.
why do strawberries appear red?
because only the red light is reflected.
what two body parts can be damaged by overexposure to ultraviolet light?
skin and eyes.
what type of wave emitted by the sun brings warmth to the earth?
ultraviolet light.
a color
what type of the lens is thinner in the middle than at the edges?
vex lens.