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What are common types of moles
junctional, compund (raised), dermal (lose pigmentation)
how does a congenital melanocytic naevi change
becomes more wart like as child gets older
what associations are there with a bathing trunk naevus
satellite lesions, deviation of natal cleft, need to do an mri to exclude spinal cord abnormality
what are some eczema triggers
weather, sickness, immunisations, rough fabric, grass, fragrance
tx of eczema
mousturise 2x a day, topical steroid
what does periorbital eczema often indicate
house dust mites
erythrodermic eczema, when should you skin prick
after 12months otherwise high FN, unless severe, tx with 3 days of wet dressings
prognosis of sebhorreic dermatitis
1/3 get psoriasis, 1/3 get eczema, 1/3 normal
allergic contact presentation
streaky, itchy, not sick, give steroids if severe
What do tinea lesions look like
annular, well demarcated, scale, asymmetrical
tx of tinea
what is tinea incognito
random looking rash that is caused by inappropriate steroid tx of tinea
what is black dot tinea
tinea spores in the scalp
what is kerion?
inflammatory tinea capitus, need iv antibiotics, associated with hair loss with pustules
what does HSV look like
scalloped edge, grouped, can be pustular
what is eczema herpeticum
eczema with superimposed herpes, punched out lesions that bleed at the base, scalloped and grouped
difference in adult and child shingles
don't usually get post herpetic neuralgia in children
tx of hpv warts
if <20kg can use anti reflux meds (tegamet), otherwise freeze under general, dermatek solution for 3mo, plane warts-topical keratolytic, plantar- 20% formalin, philiform- burn with hot wire
molluscum contagiosum tx
prick them
tx of bullous impetigo
oral fluclox, tx nasal colonisation with bactroban (mupiricin)
what causes pustules on hands or soles
scabies until proven otherwise, can get secondary infection (impertiginous scabies)
pityriasis versicolour (malathezia furur), tx with anti yeast shampoo
causes of folliculitis
staph aureus, dermatophyte, pseudomonas
what are complications with facial haemangiomas
P (posteror cranial fossa abnorm) H (HA) A (arterial anomalies) C (coarctation) E (eye abnorm)