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Before the first plane flight, what had people flown for more than one hundred years?
Before people flew airplanes they flew balloons
How does a fluid naturally move?
Fluid naturally moves from an area of pressure to an are of low pressure.
an example of lfuid motion is when you sip a drink from a straw; the liquid is drawn upwards. explain how this works.
sipping a drink from a straw is an example of fluid motion b/c once you take a sip you're removing the air. this creates low pressure in the steaw. the higher the pressure pushing down on the surface of the drink, then forces the drink up into the straw.
what is bernoulli's principle?
Bernoulli's principle [in the 1700s] explained that "faster a fluid moves, less pressure the fluid experts
what are four things that bernoullis principle helps explain
1)how planes fly
2)smoke rising up a cheminey
3)atomizer works
4)a flying dish gliding through the air
Bernoulli's principle is ONE FACTOR that helps explain flight. Look at Figure 18 on page. 97 what're two things that are the sources of lift the wing?
1)the slant
B/c wings are slanted slightly downward, what happens to the air hitting the underside of the wing?
B/c of the slant of the wings the air is forced downward as the plane is in motion
B/c the air hitting the underside of the wing exerts an equal and opposite force on the wing, what does it do to the wing?
when this happens it pushes the wing upward causing/helping the plane take off.
the curved shape of the wing also gives an airplane lift. esplain how this works.
since the top of the wing is curved, air moving over the top has a greater speed than air moving under the bottom. As a result the air moving over the top exerts less pressure than the air below. The difference in aire pressure difference above and below the wing creates lift.
Bernoulli's principle can also help you understand how a perfume atomizer works. esplain why the perfume is pushed up and out of the flask.
the perfume is pushed up and out of the flask b/c once you squeeze the rubber both the air moves past the top of the tube. The moving air then lowers the pressure at the top of the tube. in the flask the greatest pressure pushes the liquid up to enter the tube. then the air stream breaks the liquid into small drops and then wa-la a wonderful fist appears.
make believe that you're on a skiing holiday in the Sqiss Alps. You can sit next to fireplace enjoying a cozy fire in a part due to Bernoulli's principle. Ezplain why the smoke rises up the chim ney
The smoke riser up the chimney b/c once the wind blows across the top of the chimney it creats an area of low pressure. the higher pressure at the bottom pushes air and smoke up the chimney.Smoke will rise faster in a chimney on a windy day than on a calm day.
Did yo uever wonder what allows a flying disk to glid throught the air? ezplain how it works?
Frisbee glides through the air b/c it uses its curbed upper surface..[like an air plane wing] to create lift.
What advantages do helicopters have over airplanes?
1)helicopters can go and land anywhere
2)rescue missions searchs
3)taking people to the hospital in a small amount of time
Complete the internet research project that is described on the bottom of page.101. on the opposite side of this page, describe the mission's difficulty lever,purpose.location, and outcome.
Mission's difficulty level: the difficulty level is moderate
2)Mission's purpose: rescue people in new orleans after hurricane katrina
3)Mission's location: New orleans, Louisana
4)Summary of what happened during this mission: After all the flooding that occured hurricanes came and rescued the people.