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Why did British soldiers begin to build a fort near Pittsburgh?
George Washington said it was good for a fort since it was near two rivers.
What fort did the French build where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers come together?
Fort Duquesne
What fort was located near present-day Pittsburgh?
Fort Duquesne
Where was the battle located that marked the beginning of the French and Indian War?
Fort Necessity
What is an ally?
A person, country, or group united with another for a common purpose.
Who were allies in the French and Indian War?
The French and the Indians
Who won the French and Indian War?
The British
What did the French sign at the end of the French and Indian War that forced them to give up all of their land in North America?
The Treaty of Paris
What fort did the British build where Fort Duquesne had stood?
Fort Pitt
What happened at the Battle of Bushy Run?
Henry Bouquet's troops defeated the Native Americans, which caused the Pennsylvania frontier to remain peaceful for several years.
What happened to the Pennsylvania frontier when the Native American attacks ended?
Thousands of colonists moved west.
What two countries claimed land in western Pennsylvania?
France and England
What rivers came together at Fort Duquesne?
The Allegheny and the Monongahela
What do we call books and other sources that contain facts about many different subjects?
Reference sources
A book that gives the meanings, pronounciations, and spellings of words
Words that appear at the top of each page in a dictionary, telling the first and last words on the page
Guide Words
A book or set of books that gives information about people, places, things, and events
Why did Great Britain want the colonists to help pay for the cost of the French and Indian War?
They spent a great deal of money to send British soldiers to North America to fight in the war.
Why did Great Britain want the colonists to help pay for the British soldiers that were now in the colonies?
The troops were protecting the land along the frontier and guarding the settlers from attacks by Native Americans.
Money people pay to a government is called a __________________.
What placed a tax on everything made of paper that was sold in the colonies?
The Stamp Act
How did the colonists react to the Stamp Act?
1. They attacked tax offices
2. Burned papers
3. Destroyed items belonging to tax collectors
4. Covered tax collectors with tar and feathers
What did Great Britain do after the colonists fought against the Stamp Act?
They repealed it.
What items did Great Britain continue to tax?
objects made of glass
What is a boycott?
A boycott is when people refuse to buy a product because they are upset with the company who provides the product.
What did the colonists do when Britain taxed tea, paper, and glass?
They boycotted those goods
Where was the meeting of the First Continental Congress held?
Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia
A formal meeting to discuss a common interest is called a ________________.
What was decided by the 56 men at the First Continental Congress?
1. They agreed to stop trade with Great Britain.
2. They demanded that the colonies be allowed to make their own laws.
3. They asked minutemen to defend the cities.
What name was given to colonists who promised to be ready for battle at a minute's notice?
A sudden, violent, or very great change is called a ___________________.
What event marked the beginning of the American Revolution?
A battle between minutemen and British soldiers in the Massachusetts colony
Where was the Second Continental Congress held?
The Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia
Who was chosen to lead the Continental Army at the Second Continental Congress?
George Washington
How did King George react when he received the letter following the Second Continental Congress?
He refused to read it, causing angry colonists to prepare to break away from Britain
Who wrote a letter to King George for the Second Continental Congress asking the king to solve the differences between Great Britain and the colonies?
John Dickinson
Who was the author of "Common Sense?"
Thomas Paine
When was the Declaration of Independence written?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
What was approved by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776?
The Declaration of Independence
Why was the American Revolution going poorly for the colonists near the end of 1776?
1. The Continental Army had lost several battles.
2. Supplies were low.
3. American soldiers had only worn out clothing and shoes.
Why was the Battle of Trenton a success for the Americans?
American soldiers crossed the Delaware River and landed at Trenton New Jersey. They surprised and captured a group of German soldiers, called Hessians.
Name the capital of the thirteen colonies.
Where did American troops camp during the winter of 1777-1778?
Valley Forge
Why did Benjamin Franklin say that "Philadelphia had captured General Howe?"
Because his troops were enjoying the city's horse races, dances, and parties.
What two major Revolutionary War battles were fought in Pennsylvania?
The Battle of Brandywine and the Battle of Germantown
What was winter like for the troops at Valley Forge?
They had very little food.
12 men slept in each log hut.
They had very little clothing or shoes.
Who taught the Americans to use their weapons and fight better during the winter at Valley Forge?
Baron von Steuben
What country did the Americans receive help from in fighting the British?
Why did most Quakers not join in the fighting for our freedom?
Their religious beliefs did not allow fighting.
What Pennsylvania resources helped the Continental Army?
Iron for cannons and cannonballs

Lead for rifle balls

Craftspeople made Pennsylvania rifles

PA farmers grew wheat that helped feed the troops
What allowed the British forces to capture Philadelphia?
American losses at the battles of Brandywine and Germantown
What was the Great Runaway?
Settlers near Wilkes-Barre were attacked by Loyalists and Native Americans. They fled, taking only what they could carry.