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Excessively wasteful, recklessly extravagant
Profligate (adj)
Given or coming forth abundantly, extravagant
Profuse (adj)
To grow or increase swiftly and abundantly
Proliferate (v)
Producing large volumes of amounts, productive
Prolific (adj)
Long winded, verbose
Prolix (adj)
A natural inclination or tendency, penchant
Propensity (N)
Nearness in time or place, affinity of nature, kinship
Propinquity (adj)
To appease, conciliate
Propitiate (v)
auspicious, favorable
Propitious (adj)
dull, unimaginative
Prosaic (adj)
To outlaw or prohibit
Proscribe (v)
the act of outlawing somethething; to outlaw or banish people