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define conflict
ppl's concerns are incompatable
managers spend what % of time dealing with conflicts
5 types of conflict
whats relationship conflict
misperception or stereotypes

poor communication
whats data conflict
lack of info or misinfo

interept info wrong
structural conflict
limited physical resources, time or company changes

forces outside of fight
interest conflict
differences in interests=fighting

manager-wants higher rx sales-cause more bonus

rx manager-wants more flu shots-higher bonus
value conflict
difference in ideology, religion

forcing views onto others

pharmacy wants to adv flu shots at register-tech at reg thinks flu shots=autism
what are 6 major causes of conflict
1-poor communication
2-unclear guidelines
3-lack of clear jurisdiction
4-operational/staffing changes
5-ppl/grp conflics in interest
6-disagreement cuz attitude
what is thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument
-chose 1 of 2 answers to how u would handle problem

describes 5 modes of handling conflict

tells indiv. perferred mode
2 themes in conflict behavior
define each
assertive-satisfy own concerns

cooperative-statisfy others concerns
what are the 5 conflict-handling models?

what do they depend on?
depend on assertiveness and cooperation

5 conflict handling modes
describe competing
assertive but uncooperative
-power oriented
-satisfy owns goals at others expense

use when-unpop. routes need ot be done-cost cutting
5 conflict handling modes
describe collaborating
assertive + cooperative

satisfies both concerns-own + other

use when-concerns of 2 paties too important for compromise
5 conflict handling modes
partially assertive + cooperative

use when-time constraints call for solution now
discussion stalled
5 conflict handling modes
unassertive and uncooperative

satisfying neither needs

use when- issuenot relevant/unimportant, disruption > benefits of resolution
5 conflict handling modes
unassertive, but cooperative

use when-others r right
harmony important
5 stages of conflict
what are they
conflict situation->awarness of it-> realizing manifestion of it->resolution of it-> after-effects of conflict situt.
conflict management
-tips for prevention?
intiate structual changes-change schedule of ppl fighting

act as mediator

respose can make better or create more problems
conflict management
dec- complaints, turnover, lost time, personalizing conflict

Customer Service
steiber + krowinski said?

liao and scott said?
SK-said dissatisfied pts only complain 4%(bullshit)

LS- bad service- tell 20ppl
good service-tells only 5 ppl
characteristics of services
cust. is participant in service process

services- made + consumed at same time(can't store so need to anticipate)
-are perishable
-location dictated by customer(convience is key)
more characteristics of services
labor intensive(counseling, MTM)

standardization is hard(MTM is diff for each pt)

-intangable(hudgement + cognitive services)
good cust service includes?
starts with acknowledgement

solving pt problems with no hassle + quickly

empowering employees to fix mistakes

treat pt with dig, resp, empathy blah blah
service encounter
define whos involved
intxn with service org, staff and pt

"moment of truth"

examples-dropping off/picking up rx, drive-thru, phone call, wait time
what are benefits of empowered employees
quicker service/ response to dissatisfied pt's

employees happier bout their jobs/themselves

employees r source of innovation

neiman markus example
5 standards for evaluating services
1-reliability-most highky values-ready when ready

2-responsiveness-prompt service/acknowledge pt

3-assurance-convey trust

4-empathy-caring attention

5-tangibles- appearance of facility/equipment
how to measure quality of service
QOS= expecations - perceptions
zone of tolerance

accuracy->professionalism->courtiousness->wait time
the zone of tolerance is the difference between?
adequate and desired
zone of tolerance
what is smaller than professionalism
in stock-many pt's will not accept this
customer service failures
rude employees, bad service

out of stock, not ready, no refills

disp errors- carastrophic- 4 days in hosp up to death

noncat-less than 4 days in hosp.
Ben Kolb Case

what happened
in Martin County, FL

doc used epi instead of lidocaine-pt died

hospit-confiscated equipment and did investigation, apologized, and financially compensated, rewrote policies to prevent-family accepted, and hugged doctor even
Service recovery
what is it
saving face basically

is done thru a fair resolution of pt's problems-metting their pscyhological and tangible needs
service recovery

an example of psychological need

an example of tangible need
psych-apology, understanding what happened

tang-GC's, or no charge
Service recovery
steps involved
no clear cut way, cuz diff in serverity

1-responsibility/address problem(dont pass blame)


3-empathy about problem

4-fig out what went wrong + F/U w pt

5- fix problem

7-F/U w person in power
D. Tipton study 2000

what resulted from study
looked to see how ppl want to be compensated when error occured

4 out of top5 were psychological
D. Tipton Study 2000

once handled correctly, what would pt do after?
60% said they would patronize pharmacy still

zero would take legal action
Service recovery paradox

what does it mean
error occurs, handle correctly-pt views you even higher than before
service recovery paradox

liao study-

kelly,hoff,davis study-
liao-poss to increase satisfaction to above prefuckup when good recovery

K,H,D-good recovery=70% rentention of pt's
permit requirements
consultant of record or prescription manager

no prof expertise required-but requires pharmacist or consultant for this respons.
what is a corporate shield
if corps fuck up, can file bankruptcy, dissolve and open up again under a new name

we pharmacists fuck up, lose license and live with it forevvveeerrrrrrr
what is SB 1986:HB7095
new accountability bill

ties corporate ppl to their actions-some accountability for things like pill mills
Professional oversight

PDM responabilities?

COR respons?

Pharmacist respons?
Rx Depart. Manager-inspection readiness, general + site spec. compliance

Consultant of Record-same as above

pharmacist-practive standards, med control
PDM specific resposibilities
# of locations-limits

CQI programs

policies/procedures-tech training

record keeping-permits, meds

automation-more responb here

closing-store going under
Consultant of Record
various practice settings
hospital-Instit. II

long term care-Instit. I, modified II
Consultant of Record
permit records, inspections, policy
med records, security, formulary

monthly reports
Good News/Bad News of pharmacy
good-we are in demand
bad-but we are responsible when shit goes down
opportunities of pharmacy
new/innovative practices

own practice/niche/compounding

accountable care orgs

specialty opportunities
pit falls of pharmacy
pill mills
medicare fraud
counterfeir medications-cause of shortages
Tools for success
know the law-consultant cert., proff association participation

embrace mngmt skills-automation, effective delegation

organize inspection materials

communicate with all involved

do scheduled dry runs
what is most valuable resource we have?
time management is about managing what?
yourself, not time
Time management
common myths/pittfalls
"I don't have time"-if u want to do it, u would have time for it

"too busy"-spinning wheels, need to say no

"need time to focus"-can u multi-task

"im a perfectionist"-rx demands this, but prioritize time
Time Management Theories
Peter Drucker-practice of Management
4 suggestions to help
1-find how u spend time now(baseline)
2-what does/doesn't need to be done(filter)
3-Delegate work
4-Stop wasting others time
Time Management Theories
Time management Matrix
stephen covey-7 habits of effective ppl

Quadrnt I-Import/urgent
for crises+deadlines

QII-Import/not urgent
relationship building, strategy, planning

QIII-Not important/Urgent
meetings, reports, interruptions

QIV-NOTimport/NOT urgent
trivial+busy work, calls, emails
Time Management Theories
time management from inside out

describes what?
4 phases?
by Julie Morgenstern

time+ space=storage unity with definite capacity u can reach

1-lay foundation-create system for u
2-analyze-define goal/preferences
3-strategize-map schedule
Personal Time management
4 different style?
leader-value getting job done+moving on-good at quick decisions-James...ok n Craig

analytics-get job done with precision/accuracy-use facts, systemic, detail oriented-Ally

relaters-getting along with others(can't say no, slow decision makers-Jeffie)

entertainers-variety/flexibility(innovators, no schedules)-Alicia
acryonm for
specific, measurable, achievable, relaistic, timed
Personal Time Management
-sort tasks
-master list
-prioritize list
-schedule tasks
Take action
Pharmacy practive
reactive or proactive

when to multitask/not to
work is reactive
school is proactive

don't multitask when verifiying Rx

stay in control at all times
total income

adjusted gross income(AGI)

Taxable Income
Total income-total of all sources of income-dividends,wages

AGI-total income - adjustments(traditional IRA, student loans)

Taxable Income- AGI - deductions and exemptions
Fedaral taxes:
if making 100k, which bracket are we in?

FICA tax is how much

FICA-7.5%-owner pays other 7.5%
we make 110K
how much is fed tax taken out?
stand deduction of 5,800

then 28% of 104,200, so fed taxes are 22,793

fica is 8,415......GRAND TOTAL of 31,208 in taxes!
Student loans
if >75K single or >150K married, how much can you deduct
if making this much, student loan interest is not tax deductible
if making <60K, how much can u deduct
student loan interest will be eligible for 2,500 per year in deductions
student loan consolidation

adv vs disadv
adv-lock in fixed interest rate
one month payment

disadv-effects deferment and loan forgiveness
may result in higher interest in long run
2 strategies for short term and long term financial goals
budgeting and financial plans
examples of liquid assets?

emergency reserves should last how long
assets-checking/savings acount, CD's, bonds, mattress money

should last 3 to 6 months of living expenses
a dollar today is worth more or less in the future?
more, because it can gain interest

yea but prolly equals inflation
simple interest
compound interest
simple-interest from principal, does not include more than 1 period

compound-interest from initial princip. and accumulated interest
chance actual return will be different from epected return

what are 2 basic sources of risk
changing economic times-inflation, business cycle, interest-rate risk

changing conditions of security issuer-management risk, business risk, financial risk
risk tolerance
the degree of risk or potential loss can be accepted in any investment
expected risk vs expected return graph

line = what
y axis-expected return
x axis-expected risk

risk tolerance=slope of line
expected risk vs expected return graph

from bottom left of line to top right of line-examples
strategies to reduce risk
diversification-invest in variety to spread risk

dollar cost averaging-minimizing effects of market fluctuations-buying at reg. times without regard to market price
ovelap in diversification
even if invested in diff things example-S+P, mutual funds-some of this overlaps so you may not be diversified
more strategies of reduce risk
research before investment

financial planner

asset allocation-balance liquid + nonliquid
-buy different within class-municipal bond and corp bond
-buy diff classes-stocks, bonds
examples of retirement plans
IRAs-trad and Roth
401K, 403B
Universal Life Insurance
IRA vs Roth IRA
IRA-indiv retirement account
-tax deffered, till pull out
max 5K/year put in

Roth IRA-nondeductable but grows tax free if held >5 years
penalty if pulled out before 59.5
max 5K/year
401K and 403B
both are plans to make pretax contrib. from wages to plan that is then invested

adv-many companies match investment
-contributions build tax free till withdrawl

403-for nonprofit orgs and teachers

limited to 16,500 in 2011
17K in 2012
allow catch up contributions if >50
pharmacy compensation benefits
401K plans
Stock options
Deferred compensation
employee stock ownership plans
assets are invested in stock of employer

seniority-acquire more right to shares in account aka Vesting
employee stock purchase plans
chance to buy stock, thru payroll deduction over 3 to 27 month offering period

discounted up to 15%

feds require must hold stock fro min 12 to 24 months
Stock Option Plans
contract between company and employee to buy specific amt of companies shares at fixed price in certain period
flexable spending account
employer sponsored benefits
lets pt pay for medical expenses + dependent care pretax

adv-reduce income tax, increase disposable income

disadv-must spend within year or will NOT be returned
Financial Theories
Modern Portfolio Theory
efficient frontier- 50/50 Mix of securities 1 and 2-its a point on a curve of two points

sharpe ratio- draw a line tangent to frontier curve and point of touching is optimal risk
define leadership
process of individuals influencing groups to achieve common goals
what are 3 diff theories of leadership
1-Trait theory-leaders are born not made-ex kings

2-Great Event Theory-event brings out leadership-heroism

3-Process Theory-leaders do it by applying skills + knowledge
whats most common theory used today?

describe this theory more
process leadership

leaders can be observed and learned by anyone

skills,knowledge, attributes make the leader
-despite title,role-you can be a leader
-can be formal/informal
4 factors of leaders
leader-true understanding who you are, what you know, what u can do

follower-require diff styles

situation-each is diff, use diff styles

communication-lead by 2 way comm, most is nonverbal
which factor dermines if leader is successful?


leadership=leader+follower+ situation+comm.
what are the external factors influencing leadership?
1) environment-work environment(employees, management, customers)
assigned leadership- title of boss not equal leader

2)culture-"this is how we do it"
developing leader or hiring externally

3) climate-don't want leaders, only followers
do not empower employees
Keys to effective leadership
1Trustworthy-must be ethical + lead by example
have trust of followers

2)Communicate a vision-help them understand overall strategy
comm ways to achieving goals
Leadership Grid
y axis-ppl skills
x axis-task skills

country leader
.........middle of road......
leadership grid

define each
country club-ppl skills, but weak on tasks

team leader-strong on both-this is GOAL

impversihed-weak on both

auth-poor ppl skills, strong on tasks
what are 5 points of power
Legitimate-power from title
What are the leadership styles
Autocratic or authoratarian

democratic or participative

laissez-faire or delegation
describe autocratic or auth.

good for when?
use when?
makes decsions independtly

used when u have all info, short time, and/or employees are motivated

employees see as negative-decreases morale
being bossy or micromanager
Democratic or Participative
slows down decision making, engages others for input, but has final say

use when u have 1 part of info..others have 2nd

use all the time-seen as week/unworthy
laissez-Faire or Delegation
resp for decision but lets employee make decision
used when total confidence in team

leads to internal conflict-no need for leader
used to wipe hands clean
can build competency in staff
Leadership Themes
Affiliative-masters of relationship building, ex-country club

transformational-idea ppl who raise employees to new levels

servant-view role to service others in order to achieve full potential-oh, the good ol' days