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Penny-pinching; excessively thrifty, ungenerous
Penurious (adj)
Extreme pvoerty, destituion or lack or resources
Admitting of no contradiction, putting an end to futher debate, haughty, imperious
Peremptory (adj)
Recurrent through the eyar or many years, happening repeatedly
Perennial (adj)
Intentional breach of faith; treachery
Perfidy (n)
Cursory, done without care or intereste
Perfunctory (adj)
Itinerant, traveling, nomadic
Peripatetic (adj)
Extremely harmful, potentially causing death
Pernicious (adj)
Pleasing in appearance, attractive
Personable (adj)
Acutely perceptive, having keen descernment
Perspicacious (adj)