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What is acclimatization?
How the body responds to environmental change
What does ADP stand for?
Adenosine Diphosphate
What is the difference between anabolic work and catabolic work in the body?
Anabolic work builds up tissue, while catabolic produces movement
What are the positives and negatives of the breathe right strip?
They can be used to reduce snoring, but they have relatively no benefit for athletes in terms of increased oxygen uptake
What factors stimulate respiration?
Increase in blood CO2 detected by chemo receptors,
decreased arterial O2 levels,
joint movement detected by proprioceptors, an increase in body temperature, and a decrease in body temperature
What factors cannot be represented by VO2?
Guts and efficiency.
What is the gaseous makeup of the air?
20.9 percent oxygen, less than 1 percent CO2, 79 percent nitrogen
What three parts make up the female triad?
Eating disorders lead to amenorrhea, which leads to osteoporosis.
What is anaerobic work?
Anaerobic muscular activity is performed when oxygen is limited or unavailable. Usually is limited by the buildup of lactic acid.
What is aerobic work?
May last indefinitely, as the average person uses aerobic work as long as steady state is equal or less than 50% of capacity.