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What is the most common cardiac tumor in adults?
myxoma (90%)
Where do myxomas normally form?
What is the most common cardiac tumor in children?
What is carney syndrome?
a herediatry cardiac myxoma syndrome due to PRKAI-1 on chromo 17, cuases multiple and extracaridac myxoma, spotting pigmentation, and endocrine overactivity
What are the common sites of orgin for metastatic cardiac tumors?
lungs, breast, melanomas, leukemia, lymphomas
What does the integrity of the AV valves depend on?
annulus, papillary muscle, chordae tendinea, vent wall
What does the semilunar valve integrity depend on?
movement and attachment
What could a bicuspid aortic valve lead to?
aortic stenosis 50-60yo, predisposition to infective endocarditis
When does calcification of a nl Aortic valve happen?
What can mitral annular calcification cause?
place for infection to seed
What is myxomatous degeneration of the MV?
MV prolapse
What is heard on exam of MVP?
What can be the symptoms of MVP?
chest pain, dyspnea, fatigue, psych complaints
What are the serious complications of MVP?
infective endocarditis, MV insufficiency, embolis of leaflet thrombus, arrhythmias
What causes acute infective endocarditis?
What causes subacute infective endocarditis?
alpha-hemolytic strep
What are vegetation made of?
thrombotic debris, fibrin, inflam cells, microorganisms
What are your risk factors for endocarditis?
preexisitng valvular disease, prosthetic valves, immune deficiency, DM, IDU, alcholism
What are the complications of endocarditis?
valvular insufficiency, abscess formation, paravalvular leak, embolic complications
What can you see on physical exam of endocarditis when it causes microemboli?
splinter hemorrhages, roth spots, janeway lesions, osler nodes
What are osler nodes?
painful, SQ nodule in fingers and toes in endocarditis
What are janeway lesions?
macules on palms and soles of feet
What are roth spots?
spots on macula