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What is cobalamin?
Another name for Vitamin B12
What is G-CSF?
This growth factor regulates production and function of neutrophils
What is GM-CSF?
This growth factor regulates production of granulocytes
What is megaloclastic anemia?
This anemia is characterized by a deficiency in serum Hb and RBC with abnlly large RBC
What is microcytic anemia?
This anemia is characterized by a deficiency in serum Hb and RBC with abnlly small RBC
What is pernicious anemia?
This is a megaloblastic anemia that results form lack of intrinsic factor
What is tranferrin?
this ptn transports Fe
What is ferritin?
this ptn stores Fe
What is intestinal absorption?
this is the primary regualtion of Fe stores
What is ferrous Fe?
this form of Fe is absorbed
What is ferric?
This form of Fe is oxidized
When there is hemolytic anemia?
You should give Ferrous in this condition because there is excess Fe in stores
What is deferoxamine?
this a chelating agent used to detox Fe intoxication acutely
What is phlebotomy?
this is a treatment for chronic Fe intoxication
What is the toxicity of Fe?
Intoxication of this causes necrotizing gastroenteritis, shock, metabolic acidosis, coma, death
What is IF?
Parietal cells of the stomach produce this
What is Vit B12?
This cofactor is necessary for DNA synthesis and if uncorrected, it may lead to permenant neurological damage
What is transcobalamin II?
this is what transports cobalamin
Where is excess Vita B12 stored?
the liver stores large amount of this component
What is IL11?
This is used to stimulate megakaryocyte progenitors during thrombocytopenia