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Global Pamdemic
influenza pandemic sweeps

most servicemen died of influenza, not in battle

killed more people in a short time than any other event in human history

fast speading pointed out the impossibility of isolationism
finnancing the war
William McAdoo, Secretary of Treasury:
-issued government bonds with low interest rates
-got celebraties ot promote them
-boy scouts

other plan: raise taxes
-rich got raped
Increasing federal power
"Food will win the war, don't waste it"

War industries board controlled important resources, set prices and priorities

government started building naval bases, running railroads

"war socialism"

War workers: got more rights
-" Natinoal War Labor Board insisted opn adequate wages and reduced hours, prevented exploitation of women

-strikers either worked or were drafts
-favored conservative labor movements, like Sam Gropers

blacks, women fill in gap of white men
Sam Gropers
AFL- conservative labor movement
social progressives and ww1
at first they opposed war

but eventually saw benefits

didn't support a lot of things

8 hour work day
childrens work rights
government housing projects
government control of trains etc

influenced trainning camps, made better for soilders

made soilder regulations more strict for alcohol and ho's
women sufforage
wilson tried to get it

"Catt" head of National American WOman Suffrage Assciation

Alice Paul- millitant group, got arrested for blocking sidewalk
WIlson's idealism
WIlson goes to EUrope for treaty of Versailles

mistake: gave small nations little power and soviet union none

did not support japanese plan for racial equality
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
denounced treaties, thought they would create problems