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South in 1880
extrelemy poor, west has grown, but southerners are making half of what everyone else is making

didnt have money to invest in improvement

remained dependant on north
economic reality facing southq
wealth came from industry, machines and cites, not cotton
what did southern gov do
they made industry tax exempt, gave railroad grants yadayada
what did north do
invested money in south

money invested in coton x2
changing value system
although economy grew, values only did slowly, as did southern school system
economic break down
though south grew, it didn't grow fast enough. the north grew faster and sucked money from the south
new cotton life
cotton still king, most people black and white are tenant farmers, many loose their land
good not improve techniques
to pay debt
grew more cotton, didnt raise enough food for the region
Henry Grady
new souther
black men
losing their rights, north wont support, indirectly lose sufferage
plessy v. ferguson
"seperate but equal"
black tradesmen
had been around during slavery, but disappeared after
black responce
many urge black seperatism/nationalism
Booker T Washinton
black activist who advised moderation