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What are the 7 primary mission areas of Maritime Patrol Aircraft(MPA)?
1.Anti Surface Warfare(ASU)
2.Anti Submarine Warfare(ASW)
3.Command & Control(C2W)
4.Command, Control, Communication(CCC)
6.Mine Warfare(MIW)
What are the 5 conditions of flight according to NATOPS?
Condition 1-Battle
Condition 2-Transit/High alt ASW
Condition 3-Equipment Status Check
Condition 4-Aircraft Status Inspection
Condition 5- Taxi/Takeoff/Landing/Turbulance
Purpose of Search Stores?
Localize and track enemy submarines and other sea going vessels.
Purpose of Kill Stores.
Attack and destroy enemy subs
and sea going vessels.
Air launched, surface attack, guided missile
Air launched, training, guided missile
Captive air launched, training missile
What types of air laid mines are used by the P-3 aircraft?
-MK-55: 2200 lbs.
-MK-60: 2500 lbs.
-MK-62/63/64: Quickstrike, 500-1000 lbs.
-MK-25/36/65:Quckstrike, 200 lbs.
AGM-84 Harpoon
All weather anti-ship missile
AGM-65 Maverick
Laser guided, rocket propelled, air to ground missile.
Standoff land-attack missile.
What two types of torpedoes are used by the P-3C aircraft?
What are the 3 basic types of sonobouys?
-Special Purpose
What is the purpose of the MK-84 Signal Underwater Sound(SUS)?
Signal underwater targets/friendly subs during ASW.
What are the 3 types of deployable countermeasures?
What is a pyrotechnic device?
Items that produce bright light for illumination or colored lights/smoke for signaling.
What are the 2 types of marine location markers?
-MK-25:13.5-18.5 min.
-MK-58: 40-60 min.
LAU-117 missile launcher
Maverick launch rack
Bomb rack
Carry, arm, and release kill stores from wings stations.
Suspend launchers or bombs.
Corrosion prone areas of the P-3C aircraft.
Metal surfaces exposed to the environment.
Purpose of the Aircraft Automatic Flight Control System(AFCS) or autopilot.
Ease pilot workload and provide aircraft stability.
Type and model of the P-3C engine.
-Provides 4,600 Shaft Horsepower(SHP) for takeoff
Purpose of the constant speed propeller.
Allows engine to maintain 100% RPM.
P-3C fueling methods
-Overwing Gravity feed
-Center Point Pressure Fueling
Discuss the type of construction used by the P-3C.
-All metal construction
-Wings: box beam with two main spars
-Fuselage: semi monocoque construction consisting of skins, stringers, longerons, and bulkheads or frames.
Discuss the landing gear used by the P-3C.
Fully retractable tricycle type landing gear.
Discuss the purpose of aircraft cabin pressurization and air conditioning.
Maintain comfortable environment for aircrew and cooling of avionics.
Discuss the purpose of aircraft oxygen systems.
-Survival if cabin pressure is lost.
-3.5 hours for flight station @ 25,000 ft.
-7 portable O2 bottles for crew lasting 5-10 min or 22 min max.
Foward body section.
Up to flight station
Fuselage:Midbody section
Fuselage:Aft fuselage section
Tail cone
Wings: Center section
Box type beam
Wings: Outer panels
Leading edge, trailing edge, flaps, ailerons, wing tips, nacels
Horizontal stabilizers
-Located on aft tail cone
-Provide longitudinal stability along the lateral axis
Vertical Stabilizer
-Located on aft tail cone
-Provides directional stability along the vertical axis
High lift fowler type.
Controls aircraft roll.
Controls aircraft yaw.
Controls aircraft pitch
Trim tabs
-Neutralize unbalanced conditions
-Recessed in trailing edge of any control surface.
Landing gear struts
-Air oil shock strut
-Absorbs shock otherwise sustained by airframe
-4 multiple disc brake assemblies, 1 per each main gear wheel
-Aluminium or magnesium alloy
-2 types and demounted flange
-36 ply tires
Hydraulic Pumps
-Located in HSC
-Electrically Driven variable displacement pumps
-Usable output of 8gpm
-2gpm tapped off for motor cooling
-Low pressure warning @ 1800 psi.
Hydraulic reservoirs
-Located in HSC
-1=5.6 gallons or 5 gallons with filled brake accum and must be services if it falls below
-2=1 gallon
-must be serviced @ .75 gallon
Hydraulic boosters assemblies
-Ensures pilot has normal feel of control surfaces
Hydraulic Actuators
-Transforms hydraulic fluid pressure into mechanical force
-2 types:Actuating cylinders and hydraulic motors
Forward radome
-150 lbs.
-Rain and erosion/ antistatic coating
-Braided copper lightning
-Houses radar antenna, ESM, and countermeasures sensors
Aft radome
-Houses radar antenna, mad and countermeasure sensors
Engine Driven Compressor(EDC)
-Engines 2 and 3
-Heated, compressed air is ducted through two air-cycle cooling units in nose wheel well
Cabin exhaust fan
Draws cooled air through the cabin to keep avionics cool.
Air is then sent out through through outflow valve.
Refrigeration Turbine
Compresses air to 2x it's temp and then cools via rapid expansion.
Heat exchanger
Combines het engine bleed air with ram air to cool it.
Hight Rate Discharge(HRD) bottles
Engine-2 Bromotriflouromethane bottles. 1 for each pair of engines
-10.5 lbs 600 psi
-1 for APU
Engine Ice control
14th stage bleed air prevents ice on:
-Engine air scoop
-torque meter
-compressor inlet assembly
propeller ice control
continuous heat applied to front of spinners.
Wing deice
14th stage bleed air runs to 6 piccolo tubes along the leading edge.
Empennage(EMP) deice.
Stabilizers are electrically heated in system anti-ices parting strips and 20 cycling strips.
What type of aviators breathing oxygen is used on P-3?
Engine power section
-Axial flow compressor
-combustion chamber
-multi-stage turbine
Torque meter
measures torsional deflection(twist) and it is recorded as horsepower.
Reduction gear system
Reduces engine rpm within range of efficient prop rpm.
Propeller blades
-Hamilton Standard
4=# of blades
H=Shank size
60=Spline size
77=minor mod #
Who is the SECDEF?
Leon Penetta
Who is the SECNAV?
Ray Mabus