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What are the objectives of first aid?
Save life, prevent further injury, and prevent infection.
Mildest, producing redness, increased warmth, tenderness and mild pain, are symptoms of what degree burn?
1st degree.
The wing span of the P-3 is...
99 ft. 8 in
What does the acronym ISAR stand for?
Inverse synthetic aperture radar.
What two types of torpedos are utilized by the P-3 aircraft?
Mk 46 & Mk 50
True or False
During a heat stroke there is a serious disturbance of blood flow to the brain, heart and lungs, the skin is cool, moist, and clammy and the pupils are dilated and normal or subnormal body temps?
The objective of the AVGFE program is to ensure a safe environment is maintained when working on aeronautical equipment. True or False?
What does the acronym ORM stand for?
Operational Risk Management.
State the 3 levels of war.
Tactical, Operational, Strategic
What was the first aircraft carrier?
USS Langley
_____is a protective device that opens a circuit when the current exceeds a predetermined value. ____can be reset.
Circuit Breaker
_____delivers power through a shaft to drive something. Have high power to weight ratio and are used on helicopters.
The resistance of an object to star moving or changing it's motion. This resistance to change is measurable since it takes more effort to start an object in motion rather than keep it in motion.
The ______ marking system-runway lights are installed to provide visual I ended up working more than 12 hours today and ate this crap for lunch and dinner. Good way to document how exciting my day to day life is I think. at night under low visibility conditions during aircraft takeoff and landing operations.
Runway/ Taxiway marking system.
Out of the 5 volumes of NAMP, what volume is maintenance data system(MDS)?
Volume 3
The NAVFLIRS OPNAV 3710/4, also known as the _______, provides a standardized Department of the Navy flight activity data collection system. NAVLFIRS is the single-source document for recording flight data and is applicable in specific areas to aircraft simulators.
Yellow Sheet
Length of the P-3.
116 ft. 10 in.
True or False.
Maintenance Training Improvement Program (MTIP)- This program is not disestablished.
List the 4 types of chemical casualty agents.
-Choking agents
-Nerve agents
-Blood agents
-Blister agents
What are the 3 levels of aviation maintenance.
9, 10, or 11 character code serves as a base for maintenance data reporting and maintenance control procedures.
Job Control Number
Define the term MOB.
It ensure the ability of U.S. fores to deploy at anytime and anywhere.