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uterque, utraque, utrumque
each (of two); both
levis, -is, -e
light, not heavy
nebula, -ae
(f.) fog, mist, cloud
consisto, consistere, constiti, --
to exist, to be, to come into existence; to be steadfast, to endure; to stand still
fulgor, fulgoris
(m.) flash (of lightning), brightness
fulmen, fulminis
(nt.) thunderbolt
fabricator, fabricatoris
(m.) maker, former, creator
permitto, permittere, permisi, permissus
to allow; to let go through, to let pass
aër, aëris
(m./nt.) air, atmosphere, sky, weather, mist
(adv.) here and there, everywhere
rego, regere, rexi, rectus
to rule, guide, manage, direct
tractus, -us
(m.) tract, trail, expanse, region, distance
flamen, flaminis
(nt.) gust, breeze, gale
lanio, laniare, laniavi, laniatus
to tear apart, mutilate, mangle
Eurus, -i
(m.) southeast or east wind
Nabataeus, -a, -um
Nabataean; Eastern; (mpl.) Nabataeans, people of N. Arabia
regnum, -i
(nt.) kingdom
Persis, Persidis (or -idos)
Persian; (f.) Persia
radius, -i
(m.) spoke, ray; radius
subdo, subdere, subdidi, subditus
to put under, to subdue
matutinus, -a, -um
morning, early
iugum, iugi
(nt.) ridge (of a mountain); yoke
vesper, -i / -is
(m.) west; evening; evening star
occidus, -a, -um
setting; western; sinking, dying, fading
tepesco, tepescere, tepui, --
to grow warm
Zephyrus, -i
(m.) west wind
Boreas, -ae
(m.) north wind
Septentriones, -um
(mpl.) the Big Bear constellation; seven stars of the Little Bear; the north, northern regions
Scythia, -ae
(f.) country north of the Black Sea
horrifer, horrifera, horriferum
horrible, awful, frightening
invado, invadere, invasi, invasus
to enter, invade
contrarius, -a, -um
contrary, opposite; from the opposite direction
madesco, madescere, madui, --
to become wet/moist; (coll.) to get loaded (i.e., drunk)
Auster, austri
(m.) south wind
adsiduus, -a, -um
persistent, restless, incessant, tireless
pluvia, -ae
(f.) rain