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velo, velare, velavi, velatus
to cover, to clothe
aether, aetheris (n)
ether, upper air, heaven(s)
digredior, digredi, digressus (dep)
to depart, to go away
ora, -orae (f)
shore, coast
tendo, tendere, tentendi, tentus
to extend, strech forth; to proceed
in vain
omen, ominis (n)
sign, augury, token, omen
stridulus, -a, -um
shrill, high-pitched
usque (adv)
all the way; all the time, continuously, at every point, always;
motus, -us (m)
movement, esp. shaking
exitus, -us (m)
departure, exit; outcome
vagor, vagari, vagatus (dep)
to wander, roam