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aeneus, -a, -um
made of bronze
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitus
to flee
fluctus, -us
(m.) wave, flow; disorder
ignotus, -a, -um
unknown, strange
insulto, insultare, insultavi, insultatus
to jump or dance upon; to insult, to scoff at
carina, -ae
(f.) keel, ship
(cj.) as, just as
aura, -ae
(f.) breeze, gust, wind
mensor, -is
(m.) surveyor
limes, limitis
(m.) path, track; limit
alimentum, -i
(nt.) food, nourishment, provisions; (pl.) alms
dives, divitis
rich, wealthy (3rd decl. adj. of a single termination)
seges, segetis
(f.) grain field, crop
posco, poscere, poposci, --
to ask, demand
viscer, visceris
(nt.) inner organs, bowels
recondo, -ere, recondidi, reconditus
to hide, conceal
effodio, effodere, effodi, effosus
to dig out, to excavate, to gouge out
ops, opis
(f.) power, resources
inritamentum, -i
(nt.) incentive
prodio, prodire, prodivi, proditus
to come out, to go forth; to sprout up
crepito, -are, -avi, -atus
to clatter, rattle
concutio, concutere, concussi, concussus
to shake violently
socer, soceri
(m.) father-in-law
gener, generi
(m.) son-in-law
gratia, -ae
(f.) goodwill, friendship, kindness; (pl.) thanks
inmineo, inminere, --, --
to threaten, to be a threat to (+ dat.)
noverca, -ae
(f.) stepmother
exitium, -i
(nt.) death, destruction, ruin
maritus, -i
(m.) husband, married man
luridus, -a , -um
sallow, wan, ghastly
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtus
to mix
patrius, -a, -um
paternal, ancestral
inquiro, inquirere, inquisivi, inquisitus
to examine, scrutinze
Astraea, -ae
(f.) goddess of Justice