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immineo, imminere
to rise up, overhang (+ dative): to press closely upon, threaten
crinis, crinis, m
lock of hair, pl: hair
expallesco, expallescere, expallui
to grow pale
citus, -a, -um
swift, rapid
ops, opis, f
power, ability, resources, aid
too much, excessively
torpor, torporis, m
numbness, paralysis
mollis, -is, -e
soft, tender, gentle
artus, -us, m
joint of the body, arm, leg, limb
cingo, cingere, cinxi, cinctus
to surround, encircle
tenuis, -is, -e
slender, thin
frons, frondis, f
leafy part of tree, foliage
cresco, crescere, crevi, creturus
to be born, arise, to increase, change into, to grow, bud
radix, radicis, f
cacumen, cacuminis, n
peak, top, treetop
nitor, nitoris, m
brightness, splendor, beauty
cortex, corticis, m
bark (of a tree)
pectus, pectoris, n
complector, complecti, complexus sum
to hold in the arms, embrace, hug
membrum, -i, n
part of the body, limb, member
lignum, -i, n
firewood, wood, stump, shaft
coniunx, coniugis, m/f
coma, ae, f
laurus, i f
laurel tree
cano, canere, cecini, cantus
to sing, chant, to sing about, celebrate
pompa, -ae, f
ceremonial procession
foris, foris, f
door, entrance, double doors
tueror, tueri, tuitus sum
to look at, observe, to watch over, protect
quercus, us, f
oak tree, oak garland
adnuo, adnuere, adnui, adnutus
to beckon, nod