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indigestus, -a, -um
confused, disordered
moles, molis
(f.) bulk, mass; difficulty
discors, discordis
(adj.) warring; discordant
semen, seminis
(nt.) seed, origin,
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctus
to join/unite together; to harness, to yoke
origo, originis
(f.) origin, source
carmen, carminis
(nt.) song, poem
mare, maris
(nt.) sea
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretum
to rise (intr.)
reparo, reparare, reparavi, reparatus
to prepare again; to renew, restore
lumen, luminis
(nt.) light
circumfundo, circumfundere, circumfudi, circumfusus
to pour around, to encircle, to surround
aër, aëris
(m.) air, mist, weather
tellus, telluris
(f.) earth, dry land, ground, country
libratus, -a, -um
bracchium, -i
(nt.) arm
porrigo, porrigere, porrexi, porrectus
to stretch out, extend; to offer
margo, marginis
(f.) border, edge, frontier
innabilis, -is, -e
that cannot be swum
pontus, -i
(m.) sea, sea water
egeo, egere, egui, --
to need, to lack (w/ gen. or abl.)
egens, egentis
in need [of (w/ gen.)]
umeo, umere, --
to be moist (intr.)
pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatus
to fight, contend, dispute (w/ dat. or w/ 'cum')
lis, litis
(f.) lawsuit, dispute, quarrel
dirimo, dirimere, diremi, diremptus
to separate, break up; to interrupt
abscindo, abscindere, abscidi, abscissus
to distinguish, divide, separate
liquidus, -a, -um
clear, fluid, flowing
spissus, -a, -um
thick, heavy, slow, dense, tight
secerno, secernere, secrevi, secretus
to separate
evolvo, evolvere, evolvi, evolutus
to evolve; to roll out; to disclose, unfold
eximo, eximere, exemi, exemptus
to remove, extract; to banish; to exempt; to free, release
acervus, -i
(m.) heap, mass, pile
caecus, -a, -um
random, aimless, uncertain, unknown; blind
concors, concordis
agreeing, concurring, shared, peaceful, harmonious
ligo, ligare, liagavi, ligatus
to join
emico, emicare, emicui, emicatus
to leap out, shine forth, appear suddenly
vis, viris
(f.) power, strength
convexus, -a, -um
arched, vaulted
igneus, -a, -um
arx, arcis
(f.) height; citadel
levitas, levitatis
(f.) levity; lightness; shallowness
pressus, -a, -um
overwhelmed, firmly planted
umor, umoris
(m.) moisture, liquid
circumfluus, -a, -um
flowing around; encircled
possideo, possidere, possedi, possessus
to possess; to occupy; to be master of
coerceo, coercere, coercui, coercitus
to check, restrain, confine, limit
congeries, congeriei
(f.) heap, pile, mass; chaos
seco, secare, secui, sectus
to cut off, divide
redigo, redigere, redegi, redactus
to drive back; to reduce, render
glomero, glomerare, glomeravi, glomeratus
to amass; to collect into a ball
diffundo, diffundere, diffudi, diffusus
to diffuse, to pour out and about
fretum, -i
(nt.) sea, straits, narrow sea
ventus, -i
(m.) wind
circumdo, circumdare, circumdedi, circumdatus
to surround, envelope, enclose
ambio, ambire, ambivi, ambitus
to go round, circle, embrace (tr.) / to rotate (intr.)
(adv.) to the same place, purpose, or person [or, in the same way]
quicquam, cuiusquam
(pronoun) anything
congero, congerere, congessi, congestus
to bring together, to heap up, to build up
lacus, -us
(m.) lake; pool, cistern, tank, reservoir
cingo, cingere, cinxi, cintus
to encircle, surround, enclose; to tuck up
immensus, -a, -um
huge, immeasurable, infinite, massive (as nt. noun = infinity)
stagnum, -i
(nt.) pool, lake, lagoon, swamp [nt. pl. = the depths]
fons, fontis
(m.) fountain, spring, springwater, stream, headwater; source, origin
declivis, -is, -e
sloping, steep, down-hill
obliquus, -a, -um
slanting; zigzag
addo, addere, addidi, additus
to add, increase; to quicken
(adv.) in part, partly, to some extent; [partim ... partim = some ... others; partly ... partly]
sorbeo, sorbere, sorbui, sorbitus
to suck down, absorb, gulp down; to swallow (fig.)
campus, -i
(m.) open field [as opposed to "ager", a tilled field]; level surface; the sea [poetically, with a genitive]
subsido, subsidere, subsedi, --
(trans.) to lie in wait for; (intrans.) to settle (down), to sink down
vallis, -is
(f.) valley
frons, frondis
(f.) foliage, leafy bough
(indecl. adj.) just as many, the same number of
zona, -ae
(f.) zone; belt, sash; money belt
includo, includere, inclusi, inclusus
to include; to close off, to shut in, to obstruct, to restrain; to end (e.g., a day)
premo, premere, pressi, pressus
to press, to squeeze; to lie down, to have sex (with a woman)
plaga, -ae
(f.) region, tract, zone
distinguo, distinguere, distinxi, distinctus
to mark off, distinguish, specify