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Asepsis Critical Elements for PCS Implementation Phase
Prevention of the intro and/or transfer of microorg

1. Washes hands in the
presence of the CE before
beginning the
Implementation Phase of
each PCS
2. Protects self from contam
3. Protects pt from contam
4. Disposes of contam
material in designated
5. Confines contam material
to the contam area
6. Estab a sterile field
when req
Caring Critical Elements for PCS Implementation Phase
Pattern of behaviors that pervades the RN-pt interaction as charac by attentiveness to others' experiences, the estab of trusting relationship w/ pt and/or signif other, and respect for the values, dignity, and culture of others.

1. Estab comm w/ pt at begin-
ning of Impl Phase by:
Introducing self AND Ex-
plaining purpose of inter-
action OR using touch w/
pt who is child or noncomm
adult if culturally approp
2. Uses therapeutic comm tech
consistent w/ the pts
level of understanding to
interact w/ pt and signif
others by:
a. encouraging pts
expression of needs
b. responding to pts
verbal xpressions
c. responding to pts
nonverbal expressions
d. facilitating goal-
directed interactions
1) Explaining RN
actions to be taken
2) Asking ques to det
pts response to RN
3) Asking ques to det
pts comfort level
4) Focusing comm toward
pt-oriented interest
5) Eliciting pts
choices/desires in
org of care
3. Uses verbal express that
are not overly familiar,
patronizing, demeaning,
abusive, or otherwise
4. Uses phys express that are
not overly familiar, pat-
ronizing, demeaning, ab-
usive, or otherwise accep
5. Relates in a manner that
respects the value, dig-
nity, and culture of
Emotional Jeopardy Critical Elements for PCS Implementation Phase
Any action or inaction o the part of the student which threatens the emotional well-being of the pt or signif others.
Mobility Critical Element for PCS Implementation Phase
Partial or complete assist w/ positioning, transfer, and/or ambulation activities. The pt may be in or out of bed and may or may not req supportive devices or a cast, but req assist or supervision.

1. Assess pt for
a. level of mobility
b. use of assistive
c. Presence of balance
2. Moves or positions pt by
a. supporting weak or in-
jured parts of body
b. supporting pts head,
shoulders, pelvis
c. turning, lifting, or
moving pt to diff pos-
d. using body parts or ex-
ternal devices to keep
pt in desired position
e. using positioning and/
or devices to reduce
pressure on vulnerable
skin surfaces
f. using measures to pre-
vent shearing of skin
3. Assists w/ transfer or
ambulation by
a. stabilizing equip
b. using measures to main-
tain pts balance
4. Records
a. Data r/t
1) level of mobility
2) use of assistive
3) presence of balance
b. Positioning, transfer,
or ambulation activ
completed during PCS
c. Pts response to pos-
itioning, transfer,
and/or ambulation activ
Physical Jeopardy Critical Elements for PCS Implementation Phase
Any action or inaction on the part of the student which threatens the pts phys well-being. You will be accountable for your assigned pts safety throughout the entire PCS. Any time the phys safety of your pt is threatened thru omission, such as not reporting pts deteriorating condition, or by imminent incorrect action=FAIL