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Name the tapeworms of sheep
Moneizia expansa
Fasciola hepatica seen during what time of year
Fasciola hepatica-does it have an intermed host?
What nematodes are seen in goat and sheep
Haemonchus, ostertagia, trichostrongylus axei
what nematode causes anemia and death
What do you use to control nemaatodes in sheep/goat
Benzamidazole, levamisole/morantel, ivermec/moxidec
Benzamidazoles work by affecting
Tubulin polymerization
Only drug that will kill nematode eggs
What nematode antiparasitic acts on Ach receptors
Levamisole and morantel
You will have a increased parasite egg count when what
before and after parturition
How many times should you rotate pasture?
annually only
Sheep should never be allowed to graze where
where goats were
How long do you wait to deworm after a rain?
7-14 days
How many eggs per gram will you see before you need to deworm
>500/gram in spring
>1000/gram in fall
Lay eggs in response to fleece rot
Blowfly( Lucilia sericata)
May look like scrapie
oestrus ovis(nasal bot)
Broken head lesions
head fly
Sheep scab
psoroptes ovis
Psoroptes ovis can cause
epileptic seizures from excretory products of mite
A sheep that is wool biting and has fleece staining
Lice (Bovicola, Damalina, Linognathus)
Sheep ked
Melophagus ovivnus
What parasite can be seen in the bile duct of sheep
Dicrocoelium dendriticum (lancet fluke)
Fasciola Hepatica-liver fluke
How do sheep get Lancet Fluke
Ant eats slime from snail, sheep eats ant on blade of grass
What can cause a pipestem liver
Fasciola hepatics
How is liver fluke transmitted
Water snail-deep bedded vegetation
What tapeworms can be seen in sheep/lamb
Cysticercus(taenia ovis) ovis-sheep/goat
What is the measly mutton
taenia ovis encysted in muscle
Gid is also called
Coenerus cerebralis, sturdy bladder worm
What happens in gid
Cyst in brain
Sheep circles to one s ide
Blind in one eye
Jerky gait
Brain and spinal tissue with yellow-gray streaks
What is strike or fleece rot in sheep.
Facultative myiasis-house fly, blow fly, or flesh fly lay eggs in open wounds
What is false gid.
Oestrus ovis
How can you tell a sheep has false gid.
Nose to ground to prevent adults from laying larvae.
What mite of horses,cows,goats have long legs with jointed pedicles (stalks)
Scabies mite
Is a scabies mite a tunneling mite?
n0, non burrowing, live on surface
Which mite lives on the surface of the skin?
Is a scabies mite reportable to the USDA?
Is scabies or demodexx pruritic?
What is a unique cause of dystocia in sheep
ring womb
what is ring womb in sheep caused by
clover toxicity
Malpresentation/position in sheep not common except in
fat ewes
Dystocia most common in what sheep breeds
Merinos, Rambuleaux
What do you induce parturition with in ewes and why
dexamethasone-not CL dependent
What do you induce parturition in goats with
PGF2 alpha-b/c doe unlike ewe is CL dependent
Common pathogens causing pneumonia in in sheep
pasteurellosis, past hemoolytica, mycoplasma ovipneumonia
Common causes of parasitic pneumonia
husk, dictyocaulus filaria, muellerius cappilarus
Mechanical causes of pneumonia
misuse with drenching gun
What is Jaagsiekte
pulmonary adenomatosis- neoplasm or growth which is contagious and transmissable in sheep in iceland
Chronic progressive pneumonia aka
Maedi or Maedi visna
What is Visna
disease of the nervous system
What is the etiology of Chronic progressive pneumonia
non oncogenic retrovirus
Clinical signs of Chronic progressive pneumonia
chronic pneumonia, arthritis, mastitis, ill thrift
Name the coccidia found in sheep and goats
Eimeria caproniva-both
eimeria ovioidalis, crandallis- sheep
treatment of coccidia
sulphonamides, amprolium, monensin, salinomycin,decoquinate
Contagious pustular dermatitis aka
orf, contagious ecthyma, scabby mouth
Is orf contagious to humans
where are lesions seen with orf
mouth, nostrils, eyes, udder
what is etiology of orf
what is treatment for orf
non specific
What is the most important part of rise in parasitic eggs
periparturient egg rise
Treatment of nematode gastoenteritis
Ivermectin in sheep
Goats- sensitive to anethehelmentics be careful
In pregnancy toxemia there is a negative energy balance due to
Hypoglycemia, ketonemia, causing accumulation of acetoacetate, beta hydroxylation and acetones in blood
Cause of pregnancy toxemia in in ewes
twins or triplets
CS of sheep with pregnancy toxemia
encephalopathy, blindness, muscle tremor, metabolic acidosis
What will you see in the aqueous humor of sheep with pregnancy toxemia
elevated BHBA
Contagious foot rot etiology
Dichelobacter nodosus
Source of contraction of foot rot
Discharge from other sheep
Breed most susc to foot rot(sheep)
What disease has the characteristic underrunning of the soft horn with progression to hard horn(sheep)
foot rot
What test do you use for foot rot
protease test
Enterotoxemia of suckling lambs caused by
clostridium spp (type C)
Yellow lamb disease etiology
Clostr Type A
CS of Yellow lamb disease
hemolytic disease, jaunduce, severe abdominal pain
Lamb dysentery etiology
Clost type B and in young lambs type C(C in north america)
Overeating disease aka
pulpy kidney
Acute toxicity from overeating disease caused by
epsilon toxin
What does epsilon toxin cause
vascular and nervous tissue damage
Are e.coli strains pathogenic in lambs and goats
not usually
White muscle disease aka
subacute enzootic muscular dystrophy, stiff lamb disease
White muscle disease caused by
Se or Vit E def
What is flying scapula and what disease is it seen with
Upper borders of scapula protrude above vertebral column and seperated from t horax-WMD
What are the 2 manifestations of pasteurella hemolytica
Pneumonic- all ages
Septicemic- young
What disease is often carried on the tonsils of healthy sheep/goat