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What determines the likelihood that an ovarian cyst will spontaneously regress?
size; small [<4 cm] usually spontaneously regress
How does an ovarian cyst present?
+- pain
irregular menses
urinary frequency
pelvic heaviness
How long does it take a follicular cyst to resolve?
about 4-8 weeks
What does a follicular cyst look like on ultrasound?
no septations, no debris, no calcifications, fluid filled
How is a follicular cyst treated?
Serial exams/ultrasounds
What does a corpus luteum cyst look like on ultrasound?
some internal echoes
How does presentation of corpus luteum cyst differ from follicular cyst?
more likely to involve delayed menses
How long does a corpus luteum cyst take to resolve?
about 3 months
complications of corpus luteum cyst
ovarian torsion, hemoperitoneum
When/why is hormone therapy used?
Combined estrogen/progestin contraceptives are used to prevent future recurrences of cysts, especially in pts with von Willebrand disease
Do oral contraceptives hasten resolution of ovarian cysts?
How to evaluate cysts that are complex or solid masses?