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What should I do if playing outside and someone comes up to me that I don't know?
Say I don't know you, I have to go get mommy/daddy now, and run and get mommy or daddy right away.
Should we go outside without telling mommy or daddy?
Should we play past the big tree?
shoud we talk to someone we don't know?
Should we go or take anything from someone before asking mommy or daddy?
If someone asks you to go with them somewhere or wants to give you something like candy, what should you do?
say I have to ask my mommy/daddy first.
How far out in the front yard are we allowed to play?
Out as far as the big tree, but,not past the big tree.
What should I do if I'am playing with a ball and it goes out in the street?
Go tell mommy or daddy,and they can get the ball for you.
Never run out to get it yourself.
Before going outside to play,what should we do?
Tell either mommy or daddy where you are going and if chilly out,put on jacket.