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Name the Bonzer Soups and Salads along with their prices.
1) Queensland Salad $10.69
2) Steakhouse Salad $11.99
3) Brisbane Ceasar Salad w/GSB $10.79 w/seasoned grille Chicken Breast $9.99 w/Aussie Sized chicken breast $10.99
4) Walkabout Soup 'O the Day bowl/cup $3.99/$2.99
5) Too Right French Onion Soup $4.69
What's the code for the Queensland Salad?
What's the code for the Steakhouse salad?
What's the code for the Brisbane Ceasar Salad?
What's the code for the Walkabout Soup 'O the Day?
What's the code for the Too right French Onion Soup?
Describe the Queensland Salad.
A generous scoop of homemade chicken salad with toasted almonds, served on a bed of mixed greens, Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese, chopped egg, bacon, tomatoes, and homemade croutons.
Describe the Steakhouse Salad.
A chopped salad with Romaine and Iceberg fresh lettuce mix. Tossed with shredded red cabbage, red onion, vine rippened tomatoes, cinnamon PECANS and fried pasta.
Describe the Brisbane Ceasar Salad.
Five seasoned and grilled shrimp atop a bed of traditional ceasar salad. You can also get the Brisbane Ceasar salad with a 5-oz. or 8-oz. Aussie sized chicken breast.
Describe the Too right French Onion Soup.
A crock of our homemade soup topped with a layer of melted gruyere and provolone cheeses.
Describe the Walkabout Soup 'O The Day.
Either a homemade CREAMY ONION and cheese soup topped with Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese CUP/ONION BOWL/ONION $3.99/$2.99


Baked Potato soup
Homemade creamy baked potato soup topped with bacon, chives, Monterery Jack and Cheddar Cheese. $3.99/$2.99
Name the Down Under Favorites.
1) Jackaroo Chops PORK $14.99
2) Alice Springs Chicken ALICE $12.99
3) Queensland Chicken and Shrimp C&S $12.99
4) Cyclone Pasta CYCLONE $11.99
4) Walhalla Pasta ? $10.99 or $12.99 with 8-oz. grilled chicken breast.
5) Outback Lamp Chops ? $22.99
6) Cairns Citrus Chicken CAIRNS? $12.99
What salads can you add to the Down Under Favorites and how much do these cost?
You can add a house or ceasar salad or a Bleu cheese chopped salad served with delicious cinnamon pecans for $2.49
What are the Outback sides and prices?
1) Aussie Chips
2) Jacket Potato
3) Fresh Steamed Veggies
4) Fresh Steamed Broccoli
5) Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
All for $1.99
6) Grilled onions for $.99
7) Sweet Potato for $2.25
8) Sauteed Shrooms for $2.69
9) House or Ceasar Salad as Entree $4.49
10) Blue Cheese Chopped Salad as an Entree $4.49
11) Too Right Onion Soup $4.69
12) Add on Shrimp $6.29
13) Add on Lobster Tail $8.29
What are the codes for Outback sides?
2) POT
3) VEG
6) GR O'S
9) SAL for House SAL C for Ceasar but you need to find the designation for an Entree salad
10) probably CH with a circle around it with an E added on for entree
11) TR
13) ADD LOB or ADD GR LOB (grilled)
What are the toppings or options you can order for a baked potato?
Mixed Cheese, Chives, Butter, Sour Cream, Bacon Bits, Everything, no toppings (dry)
What are the codes for Baked Potato toppings?
C = Mixed Cheese
V = Chives
B = Butter
S = Sour Cream
bb = Bacon Bits
E = Everything
DRY = No Toppings
What are the salad dressings that Outback offers?
Mustard Vinaigrette MV
Ceasar C
Fat Free Tangy Tomato T
Thousand Island 1000
Blue Cheese Vinaigrette BCV
Honey Mustard HM
Spicy Ranch R
Blue Cheese BC
Oil & Vinegar O&V
What grade of fresh Beef does Outback Steakhouse serve?
The highest rating is PRIME and the lower rating is Select. The better steaks offer superior marbling and flavor.
When you order steak at Outback what do you get in your choice of sides?
1) Walkabout Soup 'O The Day or Salad (House, Ceasar, Blue Cheese Chopped Salad)
2) Potatoes: Baked, Sweet, Fries or Garlic Mashed Potatoes
3) Fresh Steamed Veggies
4) Fresh Steamed Broccoli
Why is the Blue Cheese Chopped Salad have an asterick on the menu?
Because people can be highly alergic to nuts of any kind.
What's a great mnemonic to remember all the salad dressings offered at Outback Steakhouse?
Down on CEASAR's SPICY RANCH they had a THOUSAND ISLANDS where they grew two Mustards including HONEY MUSTARD AND MUSTARD VINAIGRETTE and two Blue Cheeses: one regular BLUE CHEESE and a BLUE CHEESE VINAIGRETTE. Caesar had to be careful that he didn't mix the TANGY FAT FREE TOMATO with the the Oil & Vinegar since they were both so health conscious.