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Shrimp/Chicken Caesar Salad
(Shrimp C-Sal/Chx Sal 8oz)
(Shrimp C-Sal)
5 Season & Grilled shrimp
served on Caesar salad

(Chx Sal 8 oz)
8 oz Grilled Chicken
served on Caesar Salad
Classic Roasted Filet Wedge Salad
(Roast Wedge)
Cool/Crisp Wedge Iceburg Lettuce
Sliced filet tenderloin
Blue Cheese Dressing
Grape Tomatoes
Red Onions
Blue Cheese Crumbles
Topic w/ Balsamic Glaze
Queensland Salad
Homemade Chicken Salad
Toasted Almonds
on a Bed of Mixed Greens
Montery Jack & Cheddar
Diced Egg
Choice of Dressing
Creamy Onion
(Bowl/Onion or Cup/Onion)
Creamy Onion/Cheese
Topped with Monterey Jack & Chedder
Broccoli Soup
(Bowl/Broc or Cup/Broc)
Creamy Broccoli Soup
Not a Cheese Soup
Baked Potato Soup
(Bowl/Pot or Cup/Pot)
Creamy Baked Potato Soup
Topped with Bacon
Monterey Jack & Cheddar
Clam Chowder
(Bowl/Clam or Cup/Clam)
Zesty New England Clam Chowder
Made with Carrots
& Bacon
*Chayenne Pepper used*
Served with Oyster Crackers
Ahi Tuna Chopped Salad
(Ahi Sal)
Saku Block Ahi is Center/Heart of loin
Tuna Crusted in Garlic Pepper
Seared in Soybean/Sesame Oil
Sliced & Served atop Mixed Greens
Tossed with Wasabi Vinn,
Soy Dressing, Basil,
Cucumbers & Wontons
What is special about our Salad Dressings?
They are made from scratch everyday.
What is special about our soups?
They're homemade
Of the 3 salads listed (Shrimp/Chx Caeser/Classic Roasted Filet/Queensland), which salads come with the dressing already on the salad?Can the customer get the dressing on the side if they prefer?
The Chx/Shrimp Caesar and Roasted Filet already have dressing on them. And Yes, the Customer can request dressing on the side.