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accido accidere accidi, -
befall, happen (accident)
ceteri ceterae cetera
the rest, the others (et cetera) (adj)
cohors cohortis, f.
a division of a legion, cohort (cohort)
incipio incipere incepi inceptus
begin (incipient)
legio legionis, f.
a division of the army, legion (legionary)
oratio orationis, f.
speech, language (oration)
orationem habere
deliver a speech
orator oratoris, m.
speaker (orator)
interrog. adv., how?; adv. and conj., than; with superlatives, as . . . as possible
quam diu
how long?
quam longe
how far?
quantus quanta quantum
interrog. adj., how great? how large? how much? (quantity)
recipio recipere recepi receptus
take back, receive (recipient)
se recipere
withdraw, return
transporto transportare transportavi transportatus
bring over, carry, carry over (transport)