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acies aciei, f.
edge, line, line of battle, army
depono deponere deposui depositus
lay aside, put down (deposit)
dies diei, m.
day (diary)
multo die
late in the day
doctus docta doctum
learned, skilled (doctor) (adj)
fides fidei, f.
faith, pledge, confidence, trust (fidelity)
incendo incendere incendi incensus
set on fire, kindle (incense)
intro intrare intravi intratus
enter, go in (entrance)
reduco reducere reduxi reductus
lead back (reduce)
res rei, f.
thing (real)
spes spei, f.
tabula tabulae, f.
record, list (table)
tantus tanta tantum
so great, so much (tantamount) (adj)