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accipio accipere accepi acceptus
receive (accept)
amitto amittere amisi amissus
send away, lose
cado cadere cecidi casurus
fall (cadence)
defendo defendere defendi defensus
defend, protect (defense)
fluo fluere fluxi fluxurus
flow (fluent)
insidiae insidiarum, f. pl.
treachery, plot (insidious)
munio munire munivi munitus
fortify (munitions)
perterreo perterrere perterrui perterritus
terrify, alarm
peto petere petivi petitus
seek, beg (petition)
after (conj)
procedo procedere processi processurus
go forward, advance (proceed)
relinquo relinquere reliqui relictus
leave, leave behind, abandon, give up (relinquish)