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ago agere egi actus
drive, lead, do (agent, act)
gratias agere
give thanks
vitam agere
lead a life
auctoritas, auctoritatis, f.
influence, authority (authority)
committo committere commisi commissus
commit, entrust (commission)
proelium committere
begin battle
creo creare creavi creatus
create, make, produce, elect (creation)
custodio custodire custodivi custoditus
watch, guard (custody)
expello expellere expuli expulsus
drive out, expel (expulsion)
fugio fugere fugi -
flee, escape (fugitive)
invenio invenire inveni inventus
come upon, find, find out, discover (invention)
maleficium malefici, n.
evil deed, crime
mitto mittere misi missus
send (mission)
mos moris, m.
custom, habit (moral);
mores morum, m., pl.
manners, character
occido occidere occidi occisus
strike down, beat to the ground, cut down, kill, slay