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appropinquo appropinquare appropinquavi appropinquatus
approach, with ad + acc., or with dat. (propinquity)
deleo delere delevi deletus
destroy, wipe out (delete)
dubito dubitare dubitavi dubitatus
hesitate, doubt (indubitable)
initium initi, n.
beginning, going in (initial)
injuria injuriae, f.
wrong, injustice, harm (injury)
jubeo jubere jussi jussus
order, bid, command (jussive)
levo levare levavi levatus
raise (elevate)
mora morae, f.
delay (moratorium)
pugna pugnae, f.
fight, battle (pugnacious)
rota rotae, f.
wheel (rotary)
spatium spati, n.
space, lap of a racecourse, distance (spatial)
tempto temptare temptavi temptatus
try, test (tempt)